Wednesday 7 May 2014

Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return (2014)

I was lucky enough to get tickets to an advance screening (May 3rd) of the new movie 'Legends Of Oz' and it was definitely worth watching. I am a big wizard of oz fan, and this movie was really, really cute and is based  off the book, 'Dorothy of Oz'

'Legends Of Oz' is an animated film taking place right after Dorothy defeats the Wicked Witch of the West and wakes up in Kansas. Kansas is ruined by the tornado, and they have received notice that it is unsafe to live there and they must move. Dorothy, walks around Kansas seeing families moving away and is suddenly transported back to Oz to defeat the new villain The Jester. 

I really enjoyed this film, it has a few songs which are catchy. The songs were brilliant and my favourite would probably have to be Even Then. I do believe that the movie would have been just fine without the songs, I think they only put songs into the film because of the classic Wizard Of Oz movie starring Judy Garland.

I loved the fact that the movie had a whole bunch of quirky characters. They were just a whole bunch of fun.`Something that is different about this movie is that, it has more of a modern feel to it. The only times you see the modern parts are when Dorothy is in Kansas. It just bothered me considering it is supposed to take place right after she comes back from Oz.

Jester is the villain in this film. He is said to be the Wicked Witches brother who was cursed to where Jester costumes that he could never take off. He transforms people into puppets and has flying monkeys with colourful Mohawks. Jester also makes an appearance in Kansas as a fraud who is trying to kick everybody out of Kansas. That is another thing that I loved, in the original film all the characters in Oz were actual people in Kansas that Dorothy knew and it was interesting how they blended that together.

To wrap this review up, I would rate it a 4 out out of 5 stars mainly because I enjoyed it but it did have its flaws. It was an awesome movie but it wasn't mind blowing. 

I hope you enjoyed this Review and I encourage you to watch it when it is released!   

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