Saturday 24 October 2015

Shadowhunters: TV Show | New Promo | Review | Faith

A new Shadowhunters promo was released. I have a feeling that this show will have a lot of world building (obviously) which might have to involve some cliche lines and scenes. In a way, I feel like the actors capabilities was reflected better in this trailer than let's say the first look and the first seven minutes clip.

In this trailer we got to see some new things. Such as the silent brothers. To me, they looked a lot more mysterious and creepy than the movie. We also got to see the demons, I am very glad that they don't really have any similarities to the movie version of them. The FX they did for the demon that we see in the trailer is pretty cool and it is quite cringe worthy. It's kind of like an octopus with teeth.

An actor we got to see more of was Alan as Valentine! If you didn't know, I love Reign and I am so excited for Alan to be playing Valentine because I truly believe that he can portray him in a very scary but appealing way. From what we saw in this trailer, he does seem very dark but not crazy dark like he was in the movie.

Something that I thought that was missing from the movie was Clary's love for art. It seems like from this, we're going to see more of Clary and her artwork. 

In a lot of interviews, the cast has repeatedly said that this show really does focus on the relationships of the characters. In this trailer you can definitely see that, and we only see such small glimpses of the characters.

What are your thoughts on this trailer and the others? Tell me in the comments or contact us!

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