Friday 17 February 2017

Shadowhunters | How Are Thou Fallen | 2x07 | Review & Discussion | Faith

This was a very interesting episode of Shadowhunters, as usual I found that there were things that I liked and there were aspects of the show where I was very unsettled, all which I will be discussing in this episode review! 

As mentioned in past reviews/discussions, they're including a lot of book content in the episodes. And while it's not from the book we associate with the season, it is still book content. And you know, as a book reader, I am very grateful because we are seeing a lot of stuff we never got to see in the first season. And because of this, I have a greater respect for the writers and show runners.

So, we see an angel in this episode---which was a very big thing that happened in the books. For the most part, I was quite happy with how they portrayed that aspect of the story. Ever since I was little, angels have always been very fascinating to me so to see it on screen and see a scene that closely resembled the scene from the book, it was very chilling in a way. I think that the way they expressed the angels pain and how they actors portrayed it---it all blended together to create a very unique, engaging and chilling scene which I thought was something very fitting for the show.

However, the actor they cast as the angel Ithuriel was an old man. At first, I thought that maybe this was just his "Human form" after being tortured by Valentine, and then once he was freed he would become this magnificent young being. This was something very minor but bothered me a little bit because I think the age of the actor took away from the beauty of what an angel is. I was very much expecting to see Ithuriel spread his wings and break into his true form which we did see, but he literally just sprouted wings and shot into the sky. The way it ended was very good but I was still bothered by the casting.

Regarding the whole Clary with angel blood thing---um there was a little bit of a plot hole. Jace has angel blood so why wasn't he reacting in the same way as Clary. What my brain is trying to convince me is that maybe Ithuriel knows about Jaces angel blood but just chose Clary to communicate with because of the runes. An angel wouldn't just show those visions (at the end of the episode) to anyone, so clearly he knows something and probably knows about Jace.

The concept and background of Yin Fen is a little bit different in the show which in a way I understand, but in the show it does not seem anywhere near as dangerous as it was in The Infernal Devices. I feel like since they downgraded it to being a form of vampire venom and the way it's scripted we don't really get the sense of what it can do to someone. It's highly addictive and can kill you, and while we get a sense of that, it's very mild in the show. However the writers could also just be letting this be a slow burn.

We were getting hints of Climon in this episode! I've never really shipped Simon and Clary, I honestly just want it to happen because of the sake of the books. What I will say is that I really enjoy how they're developing their romantic relationship, with each episode it's growing and growing and this way it won't be too forced.

I'm so not used to Jace being Jace on this show so whenever it happens---I'm always taken by surprise. I was honestly kinda fed up with him in this episode because of how cocky he was getting and then there was just this moment where I was like---WAIT, IT'S JACE.

There was also this great moment between him and Luke where he mentioned Clary and he got up straight away. #CLACE

And you know Shadohwunters kind of has a history of having some really awesome moments and they ruin it with a certain rune... YEAH THE FREAKING SHAPESHIFTER RUNE. I hate it, it's so stupid and it's such cop out. 

Let's talk about Maia, she's such a fun character and I absolutely love the actress who plays her. She's so, so wonderful and I'm so looking forward to see how Maia develops in the future upcoming episodes.

Valentine and Luke had a great scene together that really hinted at their history which we already know obviously. I cannot express how much I love Alan Van Sprang as Valentine, he's so sinister and so not right in the head but it's so much fun getting to see him bring this character to life.

The fight scenes in this episode were fantastic. A little unrealistic that Jace would lose his sword in the first ten seconds of a fight and Clary would take on two Shadowhunters...Yeah, the show still has to work on flow and consistency.

Those were all of my thoughts on episode 7, I didn't write a review for episode six because one, no time and I was very under whelmed by that episode if I'm going to be quite honest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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