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Pawn by: Aimee Carter Review - FTM

Pawn follows the character Kitty Doe. She is ranked as a three which is below average (4). She is forced to pick between working in the sewers for the rest of her life and never seeing the ones she loves again or working in a pleasure house for a year.

Kitty Doe, is bought by the Prime Minister and he offers her a chance to become a four. She of course takes the offer, because with that she can be with the ones she loves once again. Little does she know, is that she would become surgically transformed to be masked as the prime ministers daughter, Lila Hart who tragically died because of a secret rebellion she was holding.

I will be honest, the first time I saw this in the bookstore with RQK we were very excited! We thought it sounded interesting. Not that it isn't interesting, it was just a little bit of a let down. I mean it wasn't horrible. It was more like an okay read. I do believe that as the books go on in the series they will get better, these books DO have great potential and the first book can always be the shaky end.

In some ways, this book was basically a typical YA dystopian novel and in some ways it isn't. The masking of Kitty to be transformed was a pretty cool idea, and to some people it may sound really original. I thought that too for quite sometime, but then I realized, the book Uglies does that. Overall though, it was still original and was an awesome idea.

Pawn is another novel where we have a very strong and smart female character. She had a boyfriend named Benjy and their relationship is already quite strong and you got to read about it within only a few pages. Kitty and Benjy do have a great relationship, but I can find things really cheesy and I think the way their relationship was written was just a little cheesy. The good thing is, is that it wasn't overly cheesy. Another thing about Kitty is that, she can't read. This idea of the main character not being able to read, I found fairly interesting. One thing that bugged me was, Kitty being locked up a lot. I don't know if that was just me, it seemed like every single time I turned a page, she was in an air vent... 

In the beginning, Pawn did sound just a little bit like Legend. I definitely starting thinking, "Oh this book is going to be soo original!" Pawn did prove me wrong, in ways it sort of did sound like a typical futuristic novel, especially with the rebels, the blackcoats but this book did have lots of twists and turns that you wouldn't expect. 

This book does have a little bit of a dark side, and I like darkness. The Prime Minister, I have a love and hate relationship for. Let's just say this, he is very cruel and his family the Harts are really capable of anything really. There is also Knox, he is Lila's fiance and I feel like the author is tipping on a love triangle for the  next few books which I don't mind, but we already have so many great YA novels that already have love triangles, but if there is going to be a triangle, I would like Kitty to somehow end up with Benjy.

To sum this review up, I would like to state, that my rating is based on my opinion and my opinion only. I didn't find this book very good. It was okay. Pawn can and will appeal to other readers, but it didn't appeal to me. It was enjoyable I will admit, but I believe that the rest of the series will get better as most books do. I myself will go out and buy them to read about the masked Kitty Doe. 

My rating for this book is: 3.5

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