Tuesday 1 April 2014

The 5th Wave: Rick Yancey - FTM

I read this book about three or four months ago. I got it as a Christmas present from RQK and I finished it in maybe a day and a half. I literally could not put this book down, I brought it everywhere with me, eating, sleeping, brushing my teeth because I found it that good. Rick Yancey seems to have a writing ability to make you feel like you are really experiencing the story. In the book it has multiple POV's, mainly Cassie. Who is the main Protagonist in the book. She tells you the back story of everything, the alien invasion, the different waves to wipe off the human race. Then Cassie meets Evan Walker, who takes care of her in her time of need, and she discovers things that makes her want to not want to trust him anymore, in the book she describes it as not wanting to trust him but she wants to, when I was reading those sections of the book, it made me want to feel that way, to hate Evan and once Cassie forgave Evan I forgave him, which i'm pretty sure in most books a lot of people experience that kind of thing but Rick Yancey's writing, I found was very unique. 

So in the beginning of this book, nothing really happens in the present. Cassie mainly explains what everything is, and what has happened in their world. You get to mainly read about the cruelty of the alien invasion, and what the aliens are willing to do to wipe off humanity. I found the history just a little bit boring, but luckily it was entertaining enough to read through. I felt like some of the history was a little unnecessary, some of it was important to know, like Sammy, he was an important part of the story. I love Sammy, he is adorable and just so innocent. 

Even in the beginning, we also get to experience the different point of views. I was a little confused, there are mainly 3 different point of views, Cassie, Evan, Zombie and sometimes Sammy. The author didn't really specify which perspective we were reading from, it would have a title but no identification, so when we went to Zombie's POV I thought they were calling Cassie a boy, so I was like "Oh okay, she disguised herself as a boy." Then it clicked that it wasn't her, it was another character being introduced to us.

Some people are saying that there is going to be a love triangle, and I don't mind love triangles but I'd rather have no love triangle. They are also saying that, Cassie became weak because of Evan. In the book, there is a little bit of romance but the thing that I like about that is that the romance doesn't take half of the book. There are real things going on besides Cassie and Evan's love life, and I can't remember but i'm pretty sure, that she is only really, really into him once and then she gets angry at him and then it's all ACTION, ACTION, GUNS, ZOMBIE,  SAMMY! There was barely any romance in the book, besides Evans perspective and a few deep conversations.

Cassie, I love Cassie. She is such a strong character in general. She is such a fighter, and I love the fact that even though they are in this apocalyptic world, she still has that young teenage mind. She talks about Ben Parish (Zombie) and how she wanted to have his babies, and her high school life, you know the messed up crazy half of your brain that we all have. Cassie was probably my favourite POV to read through out the whole book.

The other thing about this book that I love is that, all of the characters that Cassie mentions in the beginning eventually circle around and they meet again. It all just fits like a puzzle piece, there is no confusion.

Also, Rick Yancey does this thing with his words where he can make you think different things.
You will literally think you know what's going on and then Rick is like "Haha, that's cute but sorry you're so wrong." Then it will be like BOOM plot twist....

Overall this book was so good! It was action packed, it had everything, great characters, great plot, great writing style, good balance of things, humour. I would give this book a solid five out five stars just because I loved it so much. Any of you who haven't read it, you should read it. It's definitely worth picking up.

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