Thursday 10 July 2014

Nobody by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes (2013) RQK

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"I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too?" - Emily Dickinson

Like some of the other books I have read lately I just randomly chose this book from the library. I didn't expect much from this book I pretty much only chose it because the cover looks like the cover of pawn and I thought why not? I was surprised to find that this book was actually amazing and nothing like what I expected. Whether the writer Jennifer realized it or not she actually brought in some interesting modern day issues and perspectives which I hadn't expected.

This book tells you a story about two people nobodies Nix and Claire who have lived their lives being unnoticed, blending into everything and everyone else around them as if they aren't even there. The story goes on with Nix and Claire both just living their lives when for the first time in Claire's life she was noticed. Little did she know that this one incident would change her whole life. Soon after we learn about the affect Claire has on Nix and before long the truth comes out. Claire and Nix learn much from each other before they embark on their mission to not only rescue others like them, but to take the first step in bringing the people hunting them down.

I think the idea of there being nobodies is very unique. She takes the basic characteristics of being unnoticed, invisible, an outsider, and creates a whole new species of super people. Many people especially teens now feel like they are invisible or like that they don't fit in. They feel unwanted, they do everything they can for attention, but in the end only end up feeling worse. Though in our world this is usually a bad thing and has bad results Jennifer puts more of a happier twist on it while keeping some of the struggles these people nobodies face.

For my English Language exam this year we were given the quote above by Emily Dickinson. I really wish I had read this book before that exam because at the time I was really stumped by the meaning of this quote. I think I finally really understand what the meaning of it is. Of course everyone interpret's it slightly different and I would in no way want to influence somebody else's interpretation. If like me you fail to find the true meaning behind this quote I highly suggest reading this book.

There was just so much that I liked from this book and the way it was structured. One of the many that really stood out was her incorporation of the laws of physics, matter and anti-matter. I am very into science so this definitely intrigued my interest. I personally like when authors take realistic concepts and principles and applies them to their books. It makes the story seem so much more real and less impossible.

As far as the characters in the book, the back and forth love story of Nix and Claire had some realistic elements to it. However I don't know how easy somebody would be to give everything up, even parents who don't acknowledge them for somebody they just met. Though I do realize its a story and overall their love story was pretty good and did compliment the story very well.

Overall I'd say this book was fantastic! It had many great elements in it and I just loved the whole idea of the story. Anybody who is looking to read a Dystopian/Science Fiction & Fantasy book I would highly suggest this. As it is about the whole idea of nobodies there is a limited amount of characters, but it is still a unique story. I wouldn't say it is a book with a lot of constant action, but there wasn't really any time when I was bored or I wanted to put the book down. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It  bring to light what its like to feel invisible or to feel like an outsider and it tells a story which shows you that you might not be liked or noticed by everyone, but there are others who will accept you, who will like you for who you are.

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