Wednesday 12 November 2014

Nuts Vs. Volts #2 - The Mortal Instruments TV Show


Thoughts on a recast? 

FTM - Nuts: As much as I love the original cast in the movie, I do think that a recast of the characters would be one of the best choices. As most of us know, the movie didn't do so well and some people might not want to watch the show especially if they thought that the movie was horrible. I do believe that if one of the actors is interested in the TV show and wants to be involved, I definitely think that they should be a part of it.

RQK-Volts: I also liked the original cast of the movie and agree with FTM. I kind of wish that it would have just started as a TV series because I feel that that cast was a very good fit for the characters. However that isn't what happened so I feel that the best choice would be to recast it. It just would be too weird having the same people play the same characters in both. Especially since the TV series most likely won't just start where the movie left off.

Do you think it will be successful? 

FTM - Nuts: If the TV show is done right I do believe that it will be successful. As long as it is faithful to the series and it is not played off as cheesy, hopefully it will be great. Another big factor is obviously the actors who are going to playing the characters, one of my hopes is that they won't just cast the actors on their looks but their talent. Book fans are crazy, yes a lot of them base their opinions on the actors looks but as soon as they watch the adaptation, a lot of them will start to judge them on their acting abilities. If an actor cannot act, critics will comment on that saying that they have the looks but not the talent and that can lead the show downhill.

RQK-Volts: I personally am really conflicted about it. I mean there are a lot of factors as FTM said. First of all if the show is done right that is a big step. However for those who saw the movie and didn't like it they might have already have bias opinions and not want to even watch the show. That being said the show could be very different from the movie and some will consider that also. Another would be the cast. Some like myself and FTM really liked the original cast and I feel that a lot of people will compare the new cast to the cast of the movie by looks, but also talent. Personally I hope it is successful and I am looking forward to it, however at least at the moment there is really no telling how successful it will be.


Do you think the TV show will stay close to the story line of the books?

RQK-Volts: I am one of "those" people who really likes when they keep the story close to the book. I always find that the stories just have so much detail and I realize that movies can't have that much, but when they cut important things out and change things it just ruins the story. In a TV series however they have much more time to have episodes that will go into much more detail. So I feel even if they aren't exact, they will stay generally close to the storyline. I also hope if they make the TV show that they go through the whole story up to the very last book. I always dislike when they don't finish movie or TV series off its just kind of a let down.

FTM-Nuts: I guess this is one of those times when RQK and I agree on almost everything, which is actually very rare. I am also one of those kind of people who like it when adaptations are close to the books. There are some book adaptations that aren't very good as a whole but there is something that makes fans want more, it's the fact that are loyal to the books. The adaptation can be horrible and it could make sequels, just because they were loyal to the book. For example the twilight movies weren't the best movies in the world but they were faithful to the books. I hope that they will stay close to the books because that is obviously one of the most important aspects of creating a successful series.

Who would like to see play the characters in the show besides the original cast?

RQK-Volts: I don't have anybody specific in mind, but for me personally I would choose actors or actresses who decently looked like the character but also is able to portray characters well. It would be interesting to look for actors or actresses from other cities popular or not. I think this would just make it more interesting I find a lot of the same types of movies will use the same pool of actors from just one place. I mean i am sure there are just as good actors in other parts of the country besides those few cities. I am Canadian and I feel it would be pretty cool to have some Canadian actors or actresses in the TV series. LIKE FTM! Just Kidding... but seriously in a full bias opinion I'd love to see some Canadian actors and actresses in the television series.

FTM-Nuts: I think they should cast lesser known actors or new discoveries. I say this because this way we can be totally surprised. I find that this is usually a trend for TV shows because the actors in them are usually fresh faces. These actors won't have any labels on them, they won't be defined for something that they did in the past. I just personally like it more when I don't really know who is playing the characters. 

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