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Sabrina Moonlight - Prologue

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Growing up, I always knew that I would someday become king. I knew that someday I, would have to marry and eventually have and raise our children. What I never knew was that I could be taking away everybody else's future for my own. I never wanted to be king, but here I am, King of Moonlight Kingdom and father of the seven realms, Anglow the masters of flight, Incotac the warlocks of wind, LaroLily the nurturers of nature and life, Strayana the witches of water, Atlacio the warlocks of waves and Mclearose the shape shifters. Most rulers would say that those kingdoms didn't mean anything to them, but they meant everything to me. The only thing that meant more to me is my wife Sabrent and my soon to be born daughter. Sabrenta and I have been so busy with our people and out duties that we never had the time to come up with a name. Deep down, I think we both know that we may not be able to give her a name, because we will be dead.                                
My lovely wife Sabrenta is nine months and she could go into labour at any moment. Yet she still insists on doing her duties as Queen. "You should hurry, the children won't be quiet for long" I can't but smile at that, she says it so often and I can't help but think of our future children.
"ll be on my way and Sabrenta darling, please get some rest. I'm sure our little one needs some rest as well."
"I'm sure she does." Ever since the pregnancy, she hasn't been acting the same. I can always see a darkness in her eyes. I always tell myself that the darkness could never consume her because she is the light in my life and she is the most kind and loving person I know, she is my best friend. I've known her for most of my life and I couldn't bare to think that I would someday lose her.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Nothing is wrong!" I am shocked when she snaps at me but there it is again, the darkness. Suddenly the light hearted young woman I knew was gone.  
She hesitates.
"Ameero, I see things, I'm going insane." I looked at her face to see if she was being serious, it was a mistake because I knew she was.
"No you're not, I'll--"
"What are you going to do, forbid it?! You can't do anything about it! The darkness will take over me and I will have the same future as she did. My soul will be stuck in some prison in a parallel universe and worst of all, I won't be able to raise my daughter. I don'tt want history to repeat itself." Instead of the darkness, all that was left in her eyes was sadness."The Featherwinds have always been looked down upon because we have dark magic." I have heard this speech maybe hundreds of times, it's come to a point where I knew every single word that she was about to say.
"Yes I know but it skipped a generation, you are a Featherwind and yet somehow you have not--"
She snaps again.
"That doesn't mean it will skip her! Yes I am a Featherwind but there is a voice inside my head saying that she destined for a horrible fate. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't let her live a normal life."
"She will never be normal Sabrenta and you know that." This hurt both of us too much.
"That doesn't mean we can't have hope."
I stood looking at the faces of my friends, friends who I could call a brother or a sister. They were there when my own brother fled with his wife and children to become the monster he is. I don't care what people call him and I certainly do not care how they view him as a warlock even if he is The Dark One. There are so many stories that go around the realm, some that are true but most are false.
The original dark one was human. He was obsessed with the idea of magic and had witches and warlocks as his slaves but he wanted to become one. This was a rare time when witches and warlocks lived amongst humans, but they were never accepted and they never will be. Though there were only four humans who were fascinated with becoming a witch or warlock, these four humans became so obsessed that they started telling themselves that they were magic, that they finally became what they wished to be but it was all an illusion.
They also convinced themselves that the moon gave them power, the moon was the centre of all witches and warlocks magic but it would never give humans magic. As a punishment, the moon took away a part of their sanity which only made their illusion of power stronger and stronger. Since their souls were gone they decided to try and steal others. They brought the magical beings to the moon and used their illusions to trick the moon into taking their souls and giving it to them but no matter how many souls they tried to steal, they would never regain their own or obtain another's so instead they went back to their old ways and used witches and warlocks as slaves. Using their soulless bodies to do their work for them while they made their illusion of power stronger but everyone knew one thing, their magic was dark, strong and it wasn't real. Their real power came from witches and warlocks that had no souls. Their magic could make you believe anything which is what made them so powerful. About a year later, one of the humans that once went by the name of Victor wanted to be the most powerful illusionist so he killed the three others and gained their power, from that say forward he was known as The Dark One.
Eventually a boy named Albert Moonlight tried to defeat him but they found that since his power wasn't real he couldn't be killed. So a spell was created, to send the spirit and mind of the dark one to one of Albert's later decadents to be defeated by a child of both worlds, the crescent moon. This spell never made sense to me, if the dark one was an illusion then how could he be defeated by the crescent moon?
I look around the room and all I see are innocent children's faces, some are still infants and some art just learning how to read and walk. I hear Sabrenta's words in my head again, What kind of mother would I be if I didn't let her live a normal life? What kind of king would I be if I didnt let my friends children have a life that they deserve? Everyone in this room is either a mother or a father, a sister or a brother, an aunt or an uncle, a niece or nephew. 
"Your Grace!" A small servant comes in with blood on her hands and hair tangled. "The baby is coming!" The expected feeling that every father should be expereincing should be joy and gratitude but what I expereienced was much different. 
I suddenly started to feel a burning sensation and a stinging pain in my back, it was only moments later that I found out that there was a flaming arrow plunged into my left shoulder. All I could see were black dots and I couldn't feel anything, I could see people trying to put out the fire but my main focus was on  the mothers and their children's horrified faces. My head was dizzy and I couldn't keep track of what was going on and the only thing that was coming out my mouth was "Go now, evacuate! Get out of here now!" I didn't even have to explain what was happening, they all knew. They all knew what he was, what he was capable of. I knew what he wanted. My daughter... She was a child of both worlds, as all Featherwinds were but she is also the daughter of both the sun and moon.
There are certain things that have to be kpet secret from Sabrenta, such as the voice she sees and the person she thinks she hallucinates is Serena Featherwind, the woman who was sent to live on earch and was stripped of her powers because she lost her sanity to the darkness. It consumed her.
Or that I am a son of Soara but also a sun of Moonlight. Soara is another kingdom that only some people believe in. It is ruled by my birth mother, Sunella. This makes me one of the children of the sun. My father never loved Sunella but he knew that a child of the sun had to be born into Moonlight so he decided to father the child.
I knew that when I married Sabrenta, our child was going to become The Crescent Moon. There are still things that are unclear but that is not for me to find out, but hers. "Guards, I need you to open the portals. Get as many people as you can into the portals especially children. If there is no possibility of gathering anyone else, save yourself and leave!"
The one thing that was running through my mind was Sabrenta and our baby. If anybody was going to make it through those portals it was going to be them. When I reached our bedroom chambers Sabrenta was already struggling. Her face was red and sweaty and her blood was everywhere. Midwives were running left and right and just as all of this chaos was going on, you could hear the faintest sound of screams and murder, the cackle of burning houses burning to ash, the sound of bodies being slaughtered and peolples power being stripped away but then I hear the most beautiful sound that anyone could ever hear, it was the first cry of my daughter. 
"She's very beautiful your grace." One of the midwives says to me, it's true. She may have a chubby and scrunched up face but what I saw was my daughter. I'm the first to hold her and as soon as she is in my arms, she stops crying. When I looked at her face, I immediatly knew what to name her, Sabrina.
"Ameero, can I hold her before I---"
I knew what she meant, she lost so much blood, she was going to die. As I handed her our daughter, Sabrina kicked her chubby legs and the faintest laugh escaped Sabrenta's lips. "She's so...chubby." She laughed again and it was happy enough that it brought a smile to my face.
"Darling, it was probably all of the potatoes and chicken you ate." I laugh even more, I didn't want Sabrenta's last moments to be sad, I wanted them to be happy. In this moment, I wonder if I should tell her the truth, about me and our daughter. I want to tell her that she's not crazy and that she is completly sane but it's late, she's dead.
"No, no, no, no! Sabrenta please!" It was no use, my screaming and shouting had scared Sabrina, I kiss Sabrenta's forehead as I take our child from her arms. "She never even got to know her name..." Knowing that Sabrenta was dead and that my daughter woul have to grow up without her mother, I didn't this moment could get any worse but it did. This was the only the second time that I've held my daughter and Anecto's soulless soldiers had already come. There are stories that I've heard from people who were pawns in Anecto's schemes and they would all say the same thing. "We have no eyes, we are his spies , no one can hide, you will someday die!" Then they would drop down at my feet.
Seeing these creatures for the first time, these soulless witches and warlocks, these witches and warlocks who had no choice but to obey his orders. I couldn't believe the emptiness of  their faces and their actions. Each time they killed, each time they struck they chanted. "We have no eyes, we are his spies, no one can hide, you will someday die!"  It was like a trance louring you to them to be slaughtered. It took every ounce of my energy to resist but every time I tried, I felt my memories start to fade away. I felt my soul trying to escape the confusion and pain. I wanted to let go and die.
How peaceful would it be to let go, I would be able to join my parents and Sabrenta and all of the people i have lost. I drop down to my knees and I see the sword about to collapse onto my shoulder and finally the--- No! My eyes widen and I grab the royal wand from my pocket and I electrocute the soldiers. Their bodies twitch on the floor and I run as fast as I can.
All I see as I run are dead bodies of castle maids, knights, everyone. I hear the rattle of chain armour and the same chant. "We have no eyes, we are his spies, no one can hide, you will someday die!" My head is spinning, I have no control over what I'm doing, Sabrina is crying and I can't do anything to help her. What kind of father am I?
"Papa, papa I'm scared." When I look up I see a little boy with big blue eyes and blonde hair who is still wearing his nightwear is sitting beside a dead mans body. Then it occurs to me, Latameer. he is the son of my head knight, Sterling. Latameer sees me but the chant keeps getting louder and I start to shake my head rapidly as he runs towards me. My knees are weak and all I do is stare at Latameer. "No, I want to die Latameer, I want to die, I want to die! I don't want to live anymore!" The last thing I see his Latameer pull out a dagger and then everything does blank.
There is a buzz, a bright colour of purple and beats of sweat drip from my forehead, then I see the bravest little soldier. Latameer, the son of the strongest and bravest knight stood in front of me holding a small dagger that released a protection barrier. Others might have fled and not have done anything but he didn't. He was just like his father. "Father said to try and protect you." At first I didn't understand but then I notice what he is talking about. The spirit of his father was standing beside him, hand on his shoulder but all he did was nod and then he faded away. When I looked at Latameer, I saw myself, I knew what he felt, I knew the confusion and most importantly I knew the pain.
"Latameer, you're going to take this dagger, and we're going to run alright?" I took his hand and we ran.
As I opened the castle doors, the first thing I smelt was blood and ash. People were being tortured and their power was being taken away from them. No one was going to make it to the portals. The ones who almost made it through were killed on sight. Each portal was slowly being closed or destroyed. I wanted Latameer and Sabrina to make it through so I picked Latameer up and I ran to the portals.
We hid beside a fallen house that was close enough to a portal that Latameer could run through with Sabrina. I explained to Latameer what he was going to do, yes he was scared but he was very determined. I gave my daughter one last hug and a kidd on the forehead and I handed her to Latameer. "No matter what happens, keep going. If I'm not there after an hour then get to safety alright?" I watched his tiny lefs run through the portal and for a few seconds, I was relieved. I was relieved that my daughter would be raised from all of this, away from the chaos.
There was one face that I hadn't seen yet, my brother Anecto. When ANecto first went to the forbidden islands with his family, I kept thinking what if? What if he wasn't named The Dark One, After all he wasn't human, he was 100% warlock. When we were young, I tried to convince everyone that he wasn't what everyone thought he was, that they weren't listening because Anecto and The Dark One were two different people. The Anecto I knew was intelligent, mysterious and caring. The man who I last saw was trobuled. I wanted to help but his mand and his soul had past the point of no return.
I don't know how long I've been sitting beside this wrecked house, maybe fourty-five minutes. Soon Latameer and Sabrina will leave and go to safety, maybe I shouldn't go through, maybe I should let Sabrina grow up without magic. So I closed my eyes and I let the darkness take over.
I can see him, the brother I knew. He is walking towards me with a look of concern on his face. He is whispereing something that I cannot understand. He drags me to the portal and pushes me in. His face is the last thing I see before the light reaches my eyes but his expression confused me, he looked glad but then it turned to anger, then happiness then to fury. He screamed in pain while he stabbed himself in the chest. "You will not take me!"

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