Friday 31 July 2015

OMG our names aren't really RQK & FTM | Faith & Raquel

This Is Us

You might have noticed that RQK and FTM aren't our actual names. The both of us have been blogging for a little over a year, and we have come to a decision to use our own names. However we also have a have a new person named Amy joining as a guest author!

P.S. If you didn't know we are Canadian and proud of it. #mounties


I am a nerd. All my life I have always loved to read, listen to musical soundtracks as well as obsess over Superman. My love for books and superheroes has obviously grown and exploded into many different fandoms and that love has led me here to this blog. Okay, that's not true, before I started a blog I created an Instagram account dedicated to my favourite musical The Phantom Of The Opera. Through that account I made friends and made edits. As my account started to gain more of an audience, I started to post more bookish stuff (I don't think many people were pleased.) So I started a book account on Instagram. As time went by, I started to not really enjoy posting on my phantom account and I deleted it and went on to my book account. Originally I started a blog called angelbooks1405  (the original name of my instagram) which lasted for about two days until it was deleted, after that I created one with Raquel and now everything is history.


I am currently a senior in high school. I have always really liked books, but I never really had ventured out into other genres of books. Faith had me read Divergent and that really just set a trend and from there I read a variety of different types of books. I didn't know much or anything about blogging. I hadn't even thought of it or doing it until Faith brought it up one day. I have always been a very academic student and a love for reading really just fit into that. Even before I was a "book nerd" people use to just always assume that I was one. I like to read Fiction, Dystopias, Mystery, Science Fiction and depending on the topic I will even read some Nonfiction books. For me reading is really relaxing and is really helpful when things get really busy and stressful. This blog helps to remind me not only of the benefits of reading, but also just how much I enjoy it.


No, I am not Misha Collins posing as an eighteen year old girl... though I was I was. I'm a college freshman to-be who is going into into Social Services. Growing up I moved often and reading and writing became a little getaway of sorts. Now writing has become a very important aspect of my life and I can't imagine living without books. I've never been much of a blogger but I've always been fond of the idea of owning one. When I was offered to be a guest-writer for BookishRandomz, I thought it would be a fun opportunity to share my thoughts on books and sate the little part of me who's always wanted to contribute to something like this. 

Sneak peak at our Raised By Wolves cover recreation.


  1. You guys are smart to protect your identities as much as possible. There are some nutters out there. :(


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