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Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments | 1x07 | Review & Discussion | Faith

Clary and the team learn the location of the Mortal Cup, and race to be the first to obtain it; Simon's worsening symptoms cause him to believe he is becoming a vampire. 

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This review WILL contain SPOILERS.

Episode 7 of Shadowhunters was released on tuesday! This was probably my most anticipated episode besides the first one. I will go into what I liked, what I didn't and what confused me.

This episode was probably one of the better written episodes. I think we have all had issues with the writing with the past episodes because of the cheesiness and some of the decisions that they made. I still do not 100% agree with some the changes, not because it's different from the books, it's because it doesn't make sense at all with either the show or the books. We do get a little bit more explanation in this episode, which is something that was lacking in the past. I found who wrote this episode, and I'm not going to name names, but I really would like this person to write more episodes. I feel like the writer of this episode understood certain things. I believe the writer who wrote this, wrote episode five as well. If I am not mistaken, episode five was one of my favourite episodes. 

The flow of the lines (I'm not talking about the delivery) was a lot more natural and realistic. There were even some hinted sexual interactions in this episode but it wasn't overdone which is a good thing. The scene I'm talking about was the scene between Maureen and Simon. I was very unsure about this scene, I just don't really understand why Simon slept with her because he is madly in love with Clary... Maybe it's a vampire thing. Besides me being quite confused, overall this scene was well done. This scene not being overdone was fantastic because in episode two it was and it wasn't good.

Still speaking of lines, Clary and Jace got some great scenes in this episode. I truly thought that their banter was great. There were even little scenes where Jace was explaining things from the shadow world to Clary, and the information wasn't dumped on the audience. It made sense, it flowed well and it complimented the scene.

Some of my favourite scenes from this episode were from Jace and Clary. I've said from the very beginning that their chemistry was there and that it was growing. Their chemistry was probably at it's best this episode. I really loved the scene when they were in the closet or something and they were talking about glamours. I thought it was really well done. There was also a scene which I believe is from the book. The entire scene where Clary slaps Jace and so on, was so good. I replayed it so many times. I loved how Clary kept accusing Jace of cheating on her, and how Jace was saying things at Clary. I loved the part when he was like "Babe, come on--" and "Clary, I'm sorry it only happened two--" It was so good! Thank you to whoever wrote that because it was one of the best part of the episode. I could go on and on about that scene but I'm just going to say that I thought it was really funny and it was so good. Katherine and Dom just really played off each other really well in that scene. Also the matching tattoos part was great.

In case you didn't notice, we got a clace kiss! I'm going to be honest, I preferred this scene more than the one in the movie. The movie one had really pretty CGI but it had Demi Lovato blasting in the background while Clary awkwardly fell into Jace's arms. It was very cheesy. Yes, I would've preferred having the kiss in the greenhouse and seeing Simon confess his love for Clary but I was definitely okay with this scene. I was very happy with this scene and you know we didn't get to see much clace in the movie.

When I was watching the kiss scene, I couldn't help but feel bad for Alec! It was also a very public kiss which I don't know how I feel about that. 

There has been a lot of fuss with Kathrine and Dom vs. Jamie and Lily as Jace and Clary. People are constantly arguing which person played who better. There has also been people saying that Lily should've been cast etc... Here is my opinion on this. I think Lily was the perfect Clary for the movie adaptation and the same goes for Jamie as Jace. With the way the TV show is being played out, there is no telling how Jamie and Lily would do if they just so happened to be in the TV show, it could've been worse than it was in the movie. These adaptations are so different, and I think that Kat is the perfect TV Clary and that Dom is the perfect TV Jace. It is because they were cast for the TV adaptation not the movie adaptation.

I am so double sided with the FX/graphics of this show. At times I will think that it is quite good, and there are times when I'm like why? I thought the scene where Alec flicks the ID card at Isabelle was very cool but the night vision was not very good. I feel like there were different ways they could've done that scene but they chose the weakest way to do it. I still really like the demons, they're not as gruesome as I would like them to be but the tentacles are creepy, so I'm good.

Something that I'm really conflicted about is Isabelle's change of ways. Obviously, I don't agree with how they have been kind of portraying Isabelle's character. I kind of like where she is going in the show but it makes me feel sad for her because she's changing who she is. I love Isabelle's character in the show and the only thing I dislike about her is the fact that her clothes are way too revealing and the explanation behind her actions aren't really Isabelle.

We never really got to see the families in The City of Bones movie. I am really happy that they are including not only the Lightwoods but also Simon's family! I don't really like the actors who are playing his mother and sister, it's a little too TV show family for me. It doesn't bother me that much, but it's just a little thing that's in the back of mind. I don't know, they seem a little unrealistic to me.

Each episode, we are getting more hints towards Simon's transition into a vampire. I thought it was really well executed in this episode. Alberto Rosende is playing Simon in a really, really great way and he has blown me away with his performance. I love how he's researching vampires, it's so great. I'm really excited to see Simon turn into a vampire because we see him being buried in the episode 8 promo. I can't wait!

Another thing that's happening is that people are afraid for Alec. The reason behind this is because they're afraid the writers and the show runners aren't going to respect Alec's sexuality because of his arranged marriage with Lydia Branwell. I can understand why people are upset about this but I have a feeling that they're not going to go down that road, I think it's merely a storyline they want to add to enhance Alec's character.

Overall, I think this may have been my favourite. I feel like I say this every week but it just keeps getting better. There are always little things that bother me but I can usually look past them. I really enjoyed every single actor's performance, to me their portrayal of their characters was really strong. I would rate this episode a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What did you think of this episode! 

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