Friday 3 March 2017

February Favourites/Obsessions | Faith

So recently, I've been discovering a lot of things that I have been starting to enjoy a lot! I feel like it's very random but when have my favourites ever revolved around one thing? Let's get on with the post! 

So the first thing that I've been liking recently is FIFTH HARMONY. I was never really a fan of Fifth Harmony and for some reason was always strictly Little Mix. And despite me not listening to them, I never really had anything against them. So after Camilla left, I just started listening to the 7/27 album and found myself really enjoying the music. This was something I never expected to happen but did, and I still don't know if I would consider myself a fan. As of right now, I enjoy listening to their music and will continue to do so.


The next person is Ivy Levan, maybe you've heard of her maybe you haven't. I didn't really know of her until the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show aired and I heard her voice and was like "WOW". I randomly started listening to Science Fiction/Double Feature and that eventually led me to her Spotify page. Not really knowing if I was going to enjoy her music or not I selected one of the songs and found that I loved her music. There's something very unique about her voice that I really, really love and her voice matched with her music is just AHH---it's so good!

I highly suggest you go check out her music, it's so, so fantastic!


Caraval was the one and only book I read in the month of February and BOY did I LOVE THIS BOOK! I honestly didn't really expect to love this book as much as I did. I have written a review on this book, so if you want to know all of my thoughts in full detail, you can go and check that out HERE!

Anyway, if you're thinking of picking this book and up and are skeptical, don't be! Honestly, go into it without reading any reviews are anything, because I believe that's the best way to experience the book. To just dive in and fully experience the story and it's world yourself without any influence.


The first in this category is Riverdale, maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. Anyway, it's a new hit show that's been airing on the CW, and if you didn't know already it's based off of the characters from the Archie Comics. You know, when you hear Archie comics you quite literally think of the comics so when you see what the show has to offer, you might be a little---surprised.

Riverdale has a very unique and almost supernatural take on the comics, and is quite dark when you compare the original to the adaptation. However, it's done so well. 

I will admit that when I first saw the trailer for the series I thought that it looks so stupid. I mean, there was so much angst and it looked super cheesy. One day, I saw that it popped up on Netflix, and thinking that it would be bad I watched and I was so blown away and now I cannot get enough of it.

Alright, so having an obsession and love for Superman I'm bound to love his cousin, Supergirl and I did love her from the pilot episode---not even like before the show even aired I was obsessed with the show. So from season 1, I have loved the show---I love all of the DC shows that are currently airing on the CW and very much believe that they are doing a wonderful job compared to the DC movies.

Anyway, for some reason season 2 is just so much better compared to the first season. I feel like there's a much better flow to the season and nothing is feeling forced (while some may disagree.) And in my opinion, the writers are doing an excellent job at writing these scripts. They real know how to tug at your emotions it's CRAZY.


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