Monday 25 April 2016

Blogging Tips with Faith | Tip #1

I always enjoy writing little posts like this, and I always find it a little bit difficult to write a lengthy post so I've decided to kind of have a series of mini posts containing one or two tips. This is also a way for me to post things when ever I don't have a book or movie review to post or another bookish related post. Hopefully these can come in handy. So let's get on with the tips!

Try not to copy others, be yourself.
Something I had to learn while creating this blog was not to copy others. I know people can have a lot of inspiration from their idols or other bloggers and while that is nice, to me it's not respectful to take someone else's idea without their consent or claim it as their own. It's honestly just really hurtful and a bit of a let down when someone takes your idea. For me, it is important to find your groove if that makes sense. Honestly, if you're constantly trying to make your blog look like someone else's or be like someone else's, it's not really going to be your blog. However, if you do take someone else's idea please tell the other person because it is the respectful thing to do and it would make all the difference.

A blog should be a place where you can express your own ideas, and not copy someone else's. If you're struggling trying to find your own style, it's okay. The idea's will come to you in time but the more you try and copy others the longer it will take. It's best to really just experiment with what you like and what fits with the theme of your blog. If you're like me, you'll have random spurts of ideas as you blog that can either turn out really good or really bad.

To me this is something that you should always remember because it is so important.

Also if you're interested, please leave a comment below on what topic you think I should do next!

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