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Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments | 1x12 | Review & Discussion | Faith

Relationships are examined as preparations are made for the wedding of Lydia and Alec; Clary, Jace and Magnus search for warlock Ragnor Fell, who may possess an antidote to awaken Jocelyn. 

- Wikipedia Synopsis

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This review WILL contain SPOILERS.

In this episode, Alec and Lydia's wedding is taking place while Magnus, Clary and Jace team up to find former high warlock of London, Ragnor Fell.

This weeks episode may be one of my favourite episodes. I just felt like there were a lot of strengths in this episode, there weren't many cheesy lines, the acting was on point and the entire structure was pretty good in my opinion.

A new/old character was introduced in this episode and that character was Ragnor Fell. Words cannot describe how much I loved his character in the show. During his scenes, I got so many Harry Potter vibes from his character and it was so great. It was such a joy seeing him on screen. I especially loved how his relationship with Magnus was reflected in the show. I really love how the writers wrote his character and how the actor brought him to life. His character made me smile and I really wanted to see more of him.

Ragnor's house was so great. That was probably one of my favourite sets of the show, I just really love the old and ancient look. It is more of what I envisioned The Mortal Instruments to look like. I think the set designers did a fantastic job designing and setting it because it looked great. 

During the scene with Clary trying to find Ragnor in the house and he's hidden inside the painting, it reminded me so much of Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. The reason why is because of Professor Slughorn. It just found it so amusing how he (Slughorn) hid as a chair and I could see the parallels with Harry Potter in that particular scene.

I don't really remember Ragnor's character in the books or in The Bane Chronicles but I feel like they played the Magnus and Ragnor friendship well. For the few moments that we saw the two characters together, it really showed how much they cared for each other. I really wish he didn't have to die so soon, because I was really enjoying what we were seeing from the actor.

So far, I like how they bringing other characters that were really from The Mortal Instruments. However I will say that I am not really open to them bringing the three major characters from The Infernal Devices where it is not needed. I think that they could do a decent job bringing that world to life having seen the set for Ragnor Fell's house. Although, I really don't want to see them just randomly pop up in the show unless it is in the last season where City of Heavenly Fire should take place.

There were many things that I loved from this episode, things like the relationships. For most of the season, we have been seeing Alec and Jace fighting every episode but in this episode we see them rekindle their friendship. It was great to see because I was tried of seeing Jace and Alec fighting.

The next relationship would be Clary and Jace. I love how they were dealing it as well as the other people around them. I love how them being attracted to each other wasn't the entire aspect of their battle with each other. I love the awkwardness and how the actor are playing it on screen.

A small scene that happened in this episode was a scene between Jace and Clary. They were in her room and they were looking at the box that said J.C. To me, that really made things real for the show and that reinforced that they were really siblings. Again, I thought that, that scene was really well done.

A big part of this episode was Malec. I was very afraid that they were going to over sexualize their relationship but they didn't. It was very sweet seeing them interact. I thought that their big kiss was done very well, one thing I noticed is that the major first kisses are always very public. I thought Magnus's entrance was very interesting and predictable but nonetheless I really enjoyed watching it.

As much as I love Malec in the show, I do feel that it progressed very quickly. I wouldn't mind if it played out in the second season but there are still things with Alec in the books that I wish were shown in the TV show. I feel that this relationship was only showed so soon because the book fans really love Malec, and that's not a bad thing. I just wish it didn't have to happen so suddenly.

An aspect of this episode that I really enjoyed would be the wedding ceremony. To me, it was super interesting seeing how the weddings play out in the show. I love how they kept the silent brothers in the show, and how they incorporated them more into the storyline. Part of me kind of wished that we could've seen more of the ceremony because it was truly fascinating.

There were so many scenes in the show that were done really well. The scenes in this episode were very strong in the acting as well as the writing. I am so glad that the writing has improved because  that was a fear that I had in the beginning.

A small problem that I have with the show is Hodge. I don't really enjoy how they made his character but he also doesn't really show up in any of the episodes. It seems like he only shows up when something needs to be explained, and you don't really see the significance of his character. Also, you don't see what he means to the others. So his betrayal in the show wasn't that big of a deal to me. Another thing is that his curse wasn't explained either. 

Something that I am excited to see is the relationship between Clary and Simon. It seems like they're going to end up in a relationship soon since it is nearing the second season. I find it so funny how Simon is so happy that Jace and Clary are siblings. I do hope that he ends up being a day lighter by the end of the season. 

A theory that I have is that they're going to somehow end it like City of Ashes. There was a photo from the finale while they were shooting and there was a big ship. City of Ashes ends on a ship, and after that Simon becomes a day lighter. You see, City of Bones has already ended in the show so it is possible that they're going to end it like City of Ashes. Especially since there's a ship. I already know they're saying it's going to be this brand new ending, and my hope is that they're ending it like City of Ashes.

Overall, this was probably one of my favourite episodes. To me, everything about this episode was very strong and I'm really looking forward to seeing the season finale. I would rate this episode a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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