Friday 9 June 2017

Shadowhunters | 2x11 | Review & Discussion | Faith

This was possibly the best episode of Shadowhunters. You know, I could totally just be reeling from the episode, so maybe I'll just say that it's one of the best episodes of Shadowhunters. There were various components of the episode, and it all fit together very well in my opinion.

One of the actors/characters that really stuck out to me this episode was Jace played by Dominic Sherwood. In the first season, it never really seemed like the show got who Jace really was as a character. In this season, both the writers and Dominic Sherwood are bringing Jace to life in an amazing way. He's cocky but you can still see his heart. These were elements of his character I felt were very lost in the first season. However, in this episode, his character really, really shined. We've come to a point with Jace where he's been suppressing all of these emotions for the sake of himself and other people for so long that he broke, and to see him break is super gripping and it made my heart drop.

You know what's a big but very dumb component of Shadowhunters. The love triangle. YES YES Love triangles still do exist in the world we live in, and it's oh so terrible. I will have you know that yes, I am a close fan, yes I might hate Climon but not because I'm #Clace. It's because Climon are best friends, and are practically like siblings. I think the reason why they hyped up Climon is because they really want it to be like WHO WILL CLARY CHOOSE? Honestly, it's so cringy to see them on screen together as a couple--it doesn't feel right. It honestly would've been so much more interesting to see Clary be with Simon for the sake of hiding her feelings for Jace. It honestly would've added so much more depth to the show and it would also make the whole relationship thing more interesting. Seeing Clary be with Simon and be torn between her feelings is SO, SO CLICHE. It's overused and it's been so played out on the show where it's annoying because it's so obvious who she's gonna choose. Like everyone knows. The showrunners have confirmed it without really saying it. Sissy is gonna happen guys--so that means class is gonna happen. I don't doubt that Clary is attracted to Simon but just because you're attracted to someone, it doesn't mean you are a good fit.

Sometimes, love triangles can be done well. In this case, not really because it's super teenagery. It gets old going back and forth when the audience clearly favours one side over the other. Having Clary with Simon for the entirety of the 2nd season would be so pointless, I want Climon but as best friends. It's come to a point where now that it's official that they're not siblings, the whole debacle with the love triangle is so dumb. There's no anticipation over whose she's gonna choose in the end. 

There are also fans out there who think she's gonna end up with Simon because they're straying so far from the books. While they do stray off, they stay true to the main plot points and relationships. Also, if Climon were to be endgame---do you actually realize how low the ratings would be? The Mortal Instruments fandom is crazy.

In the recent promos, it is shown that Clary sleeps with Simon. Now in promos, they can often show things that are not what they seem. I don't know if that's what they're doing with this promo but here are my opinions on the subject. So many fans are upset because of one thing, virginity. Losing one's virginity in TV shows and movies is very glamourized, it's always a very big deal--it was in the books. People are upset because they think that Clary loses it to Simon. Honestly, I don't think we should be upset because of the characters losing virginity because I'm pretty sure Simon and Clary aren't virgins in the show. For me, I am more upset because Climon is a beautiful friendship and having those two characters sleep together--when being so mentally in tune with one another--they're best friends, I don't think that they could come out of a relationship as easily as they did in the books which is very saddening to think about. Also, when they're together as a couple--it feels more incesty than it did with Clace.

On to the next topic. As I briefly mentioned in the beginning---this episode had a lot of great moments! This might sound strange but I really loved the scene where they were torturing Valentine with that Rune because it really just shows that he is literally just a Shadowhunter--a rogue one yes but he is still a Shadowhunter and is still vulnerable to things like torture runes.

Speaking of runes, Jace's angelic abilities were showcased in this episode and can I just say something--GOLD EYES.

A new character was introduced into the show and that was Sebastian Morgernstern! Oh my goodness I love him so, so much! I'm already starting to like his character but as the audience we can sort of tell that their is something off with his character. I can't wait to see what they do with his character, as well as see Will Tudors portrayal. 

Those were my main thoughts on the epiosde. There were more but they were just little side thoughts. I promise I'll go into more depth with the next episodes. Right now, I'm trying on focusing on creating as many posts as I can to post for all of you!

Thank you so much!

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