Wednesday 14 June 2017

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As some of you may or may not, I Faith am a writer and I am currently working on writing my first book. Recently, while going through my files on my USB stick I found the original draft of Mortal Hearts & Shadows. Although this is not what it was called originally, this is the very, very, very first draft where I came up with the original storyline. It's both sentimental and cringe worthy to see what my 12 year old brain came up with. However, it's interesting to see because there are scenes in my more recent first draft that came from the first draft I ever wrote. It's interesting to see what they were originally. It's also very interesting to see my characters in their original format I guess you could say. 

One day, I really just want to sit down and read it because I really just wanna see how my story originally was. It's very strange because during the time I wrote this, I thought I was such a great writer and had dreams of publishing before I turned sixteen. YUP. That's me. Now I'm Seventeen and sadly haven't accomplished that dream, however, hopefully one day I will publish one of my stories. However I will sat that I probably won't be as naive as I was before. 

This is a draft where Sabrina knew how to use a sword, had like 3--maybe 4 love interests, and oh my there was so much foreshadowing in this draft. If I could describe this draft as a TV show, I would describe it as season 1 of Shadowhunters.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share with you the first section of this draft. But first, I will share some very odd lines that I actually wrote at the age of twelve. You ready?

“Can I see your sword?” Charles asked. Sabrina pulled out her sword out of her sheath and handed it to him. “It’s very light and thin it matches your royal wand that is not cute at all.” Charles said                                                               
 “What’s that supposed to mean. It’s not cute at all.” Sabrina said mocking his voice.                                   
 “I’m saying it’s cute.” Charles said with a smile.      

The scene I'm about to show is your one of my favorite scenes I have ever come up between my characters Sabrina and Charles. It obviously doesn't read like this now, but nonetheless it was still fun to read the original version. Keep in my mind it's really short because it actually reveals a lot of stuff that I didn't know it did. Oops.

Everyone was asleep on their blankets. Everyone was around the bonfire because everyone had used there blankets to sleep on also every ones weapons were either clutched in their hands or beside the blankets. Sabrina’s hair was straight and no longer in a high ponytail. She was wearing a white button up shirt and her tight leather pants and boots and also had a small dagger inside her boots. Sabrina was sitting on the grass staring at the stars and she noticed how bright and beautiful they were.                                                   
  “Enjoying the view?” Charles said while slowly rising off his blanket.                                                       
 “I thought you were asleep.” Sabrina said raising her eyebrow                                      
 “It takes a while for me to go to sleep when I’m sleeping in a new place.” Charles said standing up to sit beside Sabrina.                                                                                
“Really? Me too, on the first night this is what I did. The stars remind me of my dad and my brother, Latameer. He isn’t really my brother but he basically is.”                                 
“Yeah Albert’s children are beautiful.” Charles said        

Anyway if you'd like to read more about my writing journey specifically with Mortal Hearts & Shadows I'll link you to my most recent post about writing which is, "My Experience with Vomitting". You can read that HERE   

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