Tuesday 13 June 2017

Shadowhunters | You Are Not Your Own | 2x12 | Review & Dicussion | Faith

This episode had a lot of great moments, however as always it had it's downfalls. While for the most part, I felt that the writer of this episode had a really good grip on the story---there was one moment in the show where it all shattered.

Let's start this review off with a positive note. Jace is no longer a Lightwood, Wayland, Morgernstern confused Shadowhunter. HE HAS A FAMILY and that family (if you've read the books you already know this) are the HERONDALES! I was so not expecting this revelation this early in the show, I certaintly was suprised that's for sure. I was squealing---actually squealing when his background was let out into the world. I wasn't really a fan of how it came out because I feel like using Valentine as a an information giver was good once. However despite that, there was this beautiful, beautiful moment between Imogen and Jace at the very end of the episode. She has this really heartfelt talk with him, and she gave him the Herondale ring and I was so close to tears in that moment. In that moment, I saw Jace---like book Jace. It was such a vulnerable scene and I believe it was done really well.

The acting in this episode was absolutley fantastic! I wasn't a fan of the freaky friday aspect of the episode, however I felt that it really brought out the strengths and abilities of Alan Van Sprang (Valentine) and Harry Shum Jr (Magnus). It was very interesting. I honestly did not know what to expect from this episode because these are real people---actors pretending to be their original character, pretending to be another character. It's areas of acting like this that can either make or break one's performance. When their minds were switched, I really did see Magnus in Valentine's body which was super disturbing in a way because it was Valentine. And I did see Valentine in Magnus's body which was more unsettling than anything else. Both of the actors did an amazing job portraying the different versions of pain the characters felt.

Now onto Clace. All I can say is wow, like their chemistry is on FIRE this season. That's all I'm going to say because now we are going to be moving on to the other point of the dumbest love triangle. 


Listen, I love Climon but you know---as best friends. Not in love best friends---platonic no romantic chemistry what so ever Climon. And you know, the writers are really milking this whole love triangle and climon thing. I think it's supposed to be "building anticipation" within the audience but I honestly just think it's building annoyance because again, it's super obvious on who she is going to end up with. So Simon and Clary slept together. I'm mad. Not because of the whole virginity thing but because they're practically like siblings. BEFORE I CONTINUE, I'd like to point something out. Recently, I submitted a "confession" to a popular Shadowhunters account. It's a great place to see others opinions and what not so I decided to state my opinion on Climon. This is what it read.

"So supposedly according to the promo, Simon and Clary sleep together. I was not a fan, and so were many other people were upset because of one thing. VIRGINITY. I get why they're mad because of the books, I've read them I know what happens. But with how the show is, pretty sure Simons not a virgin, and I think they're playing it out that Clary isn't either. I still feel weird about them having sex but not for the sake of the books but because Simon and Clary are like siblings so it's weird to see them romantically linked like that."

Someone who seemed quite annoyed with my confession was just like (this is just an example) "THESE CLACE STANS ACTING LIKE THIS WHEN THEY SHIPPED CLACE IN THE BOOKS WHEN THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE SIBLINGS." I don't ship incest. Never have and I never will. I am a Clace shipper, and did ship it in City of Ashes but I knew they weren't siblings but also just because I wanted them as couple, it didn't mean I supported the incest aspect that was in City of Ashes.

Anyway, what makes me sad about this whole Climon thing is that as the audience and as a reader, I know that Climon isn't forever. They will eventually go back to being best friends, but how can you go back to being in a completely platonic friendship when you've been so intimate with someone physically and emotionally? I don't want to see the heartbreak of Climon because there shouldn't be any because there was an acceptance that it wasn't meant to be in the books. I also don't want to go through the awkwardness that comes from that. They're wasting so much time on this ship 98% of the Shadowhunters fans hate when we could be spending time on the development of the show, storyline and even other more liked and better ships.

Can we also just talk about how Clary has only been in the institute for like a couple of weeks and she can already face Jace in a fight without much struggle... #REALISM. I bet they're just gonna say it's due to her angel blood

Sebastian was absolutely brilliant in this episode. Will Tudor & Katherine McNamara have amazing chemistry. BEFORE SOME OF YOU FREAK OUT. Chemistry doesn't mean I ship people in the show, to be clear I do not ship Clary and Sebastian. Anyway, he's been in two episodes and he is already one of the most well rounded characters in the show. You can already tell he has so much depth and backstory and I am so looking forward to seeing where they take him on this show because I am loving it so far.

They're also planting the seeds for Sizzy. I am so ready for Sizzy.

You know what I wanna see more of in Shadowhunters, actual demon hunting. I feel like it's hyped up to be this demon hunting show but we only see them a) fight with eachother (shadowhunters) b) demons that look like people and c) downworlders. I wanna see like ACTUAL demons in their true form not masked ones. I'm only saying this because for a show thats about shadowhunters, there sure isn't a lot of demon hunting.

Those are all of my thoughts regarding this episode. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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