Friday 2 January 2015

December Wrap Up - FTM

The First book I read this month was A Game of Thrones - Volume 1 by: George R. R. Martin and adapted by Daniel Abraham. I fairly enjoyed reading this graphic novel, I have already watched the current seasons of the TV show and I have been wanting to read the books. Unfortunately I do not think I can read a book that's over 1000 pages long in a time span of two weeks, I have been reading books from the library for a few months now because I am trying to cut down by "To be bought" list. It's a little sad that this volume ends maybe a quarter way through the actual full length novel but I completely understand because it is quite a thick book. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. I honestly would have liked a bigger graphic novel just because graphic novels based off of books are already shortened already and I really don't want to read the first book in four different volumes. I am planning to pick up the other graphic novels though. I probably will end up picking up the actual novels soon enough.

The second book I read this month was Between the devil and the deep blue sea by: April Genevieve Tucholke. I have very mixed feelings on this book, it was one of those books where I thought I was going to love it but slowly started to dislike it. I think this is one of those books where you either hate it or love it. This book was enjoyable but it wasn't absolutely amazing. You can read my full review HERE 

The third book I read this month was The Graveyard Book: The graphic novel by: Neil Gaiman and adapted by P. Craig Russell. So for maybe the past two or three months, I have been in a somewhat bad reading slump. It's been taking me very long to read novels that usually take me two to three days to read. So one day I decided to check out the first volume of the Game of thrones graphic novels. I loved how easy they were to read and how fast I could read them but most of all, how they were slowly pulling me out of a reading slump. I'm really into graphic novels at the moment and with The Graveyard Book I was pulled in from  the very first page. I think reading the graphic novel was a great choice, I might pick up the actual book in the future once I am done reading the second volume. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I highly suggest reading this if you're really in for a great, classic and unique story.
The fourth book I read this month was The Host by: Stephanie Meyer. I had been thinking about reading this book for a few months now, I had watched the movie and loved it. The only book that I have read by Stephanie was Twilight and I really don't remember anything from it, and yes I did have a twilight phase. I had to keep putting this down and then picking it up again not because I found that it was bad, I just kept getting distracted by other books. I really loved this book, I feel like this book is a little underrated, it deserves so much more praise and attention. I really would like a sequel, I mean Stephanie keeps putting it off so I don't know if it's going to happen. If you just so happen to consider reading this, don't connect it with Twilight. I would rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.

The fifth book I read this month was Where Rainbows End by: Cecilia Ahern, this book is also known as Love, Rosie. This book was actually made into a movie and was released in October in the U.K. and is being released worldwide (I believe) in February 2015, it stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. The movie was the main reason why I picked up this book. Once I have a chance to watch the film, I will definitely have a book-movie adaptation review up. This book is told through letters, notes, e-mails, text messages and instant messages. I had a love, hate relationship with the way this story was told. I found that since it was told through those formats, I couldn't connect to the story or to the characters. I mean we were being told things after the event had already happened, the excitement was gone. Another problem I had was that sometimes "I know" was sometimes spelt "I no." I really don't know if she wrote it that way on purpose, it was just something little I noticed. I would rate this book a  3.5 out of 5 stars but leaning more to 4 stars.

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