Friday 30 January 2015

A Holiday Book Haul - FTM

Technically I did not receive most of these books on Christmas day or as a Christmas gift at all. I honestly bought most of them but I bought most of them during the holiday season and some I'm just going to count as holiday books because I'm using Christmas money that I got from family members.

The first book I bought was Snow White Must Die by: Nele Neuhaus. I have no idea what this book is about. The only reason why I bought it was because it was on sale and obviously had a similar title to Dorothy Must Die by: Danielle Paige which is one of my favourite books. I know that this book is a German book as well as the author, Nele is said to be a well known mystery author in her country and I'm actually quite excited to see what this book is about.

The second book I bought was The Winner's Curse by: Marie Rutkoski. Again, this was another book that was on sale and I barely knew anything about this book. I knew that I've seen it before and it had a really pretty cover. Having read the synopsis, I think that I'm going to enjoy this book if I ever get to it.

The third book I bought was Divergent: Collectors Edition by: Veronica Roth. I discovered Divergent a few months after it's release and had bought the paperback edition which was later followed by the sequels which I bought in hardcover. This bothered me because they didn't match and I was always planning to buy the hardcover but I had already owned Divergent, and my mom said that if I were to buy it in hardcover I would have to give away my paperback edition. I didn't want to do this because my paperback edition was my first copy and it had sentimental meaning so when I heard that they were releasing the collectors edition I knew I had to get it.

The fourth book, I actually haven't gotten yet. (December 4th) This is probably the only book that I'm receiving as a gift. This is going to be a gift from RQK, I know this because I was there when she bought it and I personally asked for it. This book is The Shadow Throne by: Jennifer A. Nielsen. I have followed this book series from the very start but I never bought the third one. By the time you are reading this I hopefully would have gotten it!

Pic From Twitter (@BookishRandomz)
The fifth book is The Retribution of Mara Dyer! I am simply obsessed with this series and I had been wanting to buy this book for such a long time and when it was released I was just patiently waiting to purchase this gorgeous book! When I finally bought this book, I opened it and found that it was signed! I was very happy because this is my first signed book!

And then just to make it even better, Michelle favourited my tweet!

Those are the books that I slowly obtained this holiday season, I'm probably going to get more in February but when I do, I'll do a more creative way of showing and telling you what books I got. I might get another book this month but I really don't know. My haul isn't as big as RQK's but you know it's books, books are awesome and having one of them signed is really just amazing and IT'S FIRST EDITION! I'm such a nerd but first edition!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what books I got this holiday season, I hope you had a lovely holiday and got some books as well! Feel free to follow our blog! I also would like to apologize for late posts because you know school kind of took up most of our time, more RQK then I but you get the point.

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