Saturday 31 January 2015

Holiday Books! - RQK

So I got a lot of books this holiday.. Some I bought myself, some I have read before nonetheless I got books! I decided I would make a post about some of the books I received this holiday season. I don't remember the order so I shall just state them at random.

I got  quite a few Cassandra Clare books this holiday season! One of them being this one, "Clockwork Princess" by: Cassandra Clare. This particular one I bought for myself. I had already read this book, but I had enjoyed it so much I had to buy it! I definitely would like to re-read this book! FTM did a review on this earlier in 2014. (Wow it's 2015... that's weird to think about!) You can view that here!
I also got "The Maze Runner" by: James Dashner. I absolutely loved this series! I went and saw the movie as well and although it obviously differs from the book it was still very entertaining to watch! I am really looking forward to the next movie coming out! I was very happy that I got this book because for a lot of my series I am missing the first book.. It really bothers FTM, she comments on it a lot. I mean I am sure she will comment how now I own the first book and technically the fourth book which is a prequel story. (I actually meant to get the second book not the fourth originally) Either way I am happy I finally own a first book! Getting books for Christmas is awesome!

To be honest, this is the one series when I really don't care which ones you own and don't own but it does bug me how you only own the third book in The Infernal Devices, I mean I can't blame you considering I only have the third one... 

I bought this book as an e-book two days before Christmas. It was kind of like a Christmas gift to myself, but I mean if your to get a gift for yourself it might as well be a book right? So I chose to get "I Am Number Four:The Lost Flies: The Fugitive" by: Pittacus Lore. I honestly love this series and have for a long time. I own like all of the books either paper copies or e-books. Not everyone likes this series, but I always found the concept of alien lifeforms to be extremely fascinating! I highly suggest these books to anybody who is looking for a good long science fiction series! This series has main books and then smaller books which are side stories that give you more information. Some people only like reading the main series, but I love reading them all. 

The next book I got was "The Kite Runner" by: Khaled Hosseini. This book is one of my favourite books! When I first read it I had borrowed the book from the library so I didn't actually own it. FTM got it for me for Christmas! (THANKS!!!) Even though I read it there is something different about having the book yourself! Especially since I love it so much now I can read it whenever I want! This book is very sad, but very real. Before this I had never read a book like this before this and it was just amazing. I did a review on this where I talk about this in more depth. You can read that here.

On boxing day I got "The Bane Chronicles" by: Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson. I was originally going to borrow FTM's copy, but then I got it myself! This book was very fun to read! It didn't have a base storyline so I didn't feel a strong curiosity to rush through it. Magnus Bane was one of my favourite characters in Cassandra Clare's books so I was interested in getting to read some of his stories. It truly was a great book! For anybody who has read this series and likes Magnus Bane I would highly suggest you read this!  

The next three books I all got from my friend for Christmas. One of our local bookstore was having a huge sale and so they got me three books! I am still missing some of the series, but this greatly increased my collection! I got "City of Fallen Angels", "City of Glass", "City of Lost Souls" all by: Cassandra Clare. I love this series! Cassandra's books are incredible! FTM did a review on the last book of this series, you can view that here. If you haven't read these books before I urge you to do so!

This next book I got when I was at the store getting my last book on this list. FTM had read this book and told me about it. I also saw the movie and honestly didn't even know there was a book! When I heard about the book I was super interested in reading it! I mean I wish I knew before because it is always better to read the book before the movie, even so I had put it on my to-read list. I saw this book at the bookstore for $3 and I couldn't resist buying it...
The last book I got during the holiday season was "Witch & Wizard: The Lost" by: James Patterson. This is the last book of this series which makes me sad, but the book itself was really good. I will say that it wasn't necessarily my favourite of the series, but the book itself was still really good! This book series to me is aimed for a slightly younger audience then myself, but I always enjoy books like that. Very simple and cheesy, just a classic story. I talked a bit about this book and rated it in my December Wrap-Up. You can view that here.
P.S. Sorry that this was late. I had two weeks of exams and well yeah that happened. Anyway I hope everyone had a great holiday! Oh FTM also made a holiday post! Here is the link to her's: Holiday Books.

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