Wednesday 10 August 2016

April/May Wrap-Up | Raquel

Hello! How have you all been.... So this post is late. Like really really really late. I apologize. I did mean to finish it and well it just didn't happen. I mean I kind of had an excuse? I just graduated so WOOO!!! I'm done high school! It is kind of scary and exciting! Anyway... as a graduation gift to me I hope you can forgive me for this very late posting. Either way this is what I read waay back in April and May.  Enjoy!

The first book I read in April was Half Lost by: Sally Green. Anyway who has read my other wrap ups involving her books would know how much I really love this series. This was one of the first fantasy book series I really got into (thanks to faith) and yeah... I honestly don't remember too much about the writing style in this book but I remember thinking it was different from the first two. Not necessarily in a bad way just different. I think that should be expected considering the author does continue to grow when continuing to write a series. I'll let you judge the style for yourself but as far as the plot goes I thought it was well planned out and it wasn't too predictable which I really enjoyed. I rate this book 4.3/5 stars.

The next book I read was a graphic novel based of Marie Lu's book Legend. I really enjoyed Legend when I first read it and I always like reading visual versions just to see how other people pictured the characters and settings in comparison to how I do. It's always interesting to see how different people interpreted the same descriptions especially when they are completely different. It's by doing this that reminds me how for every person who reads a book they really have their own version or perspective of the story that is completely unique to themselves. I rate this book 4.0/5 stars.

The third book I read was When the Moon is Low by Nadia Hashimi. I originally read this book because Indigo suggested it to me after I told them Kite Runner was my favourite book. I really really enjoyed this book. It honestly broke my heart into a million pieces but it was a very interesting read. I always like reading books like this because it brings such a new cultural perspective that I really enjoy reading about. I feel whenever I suggest these types of books they don't think to read them because of the type of book but if you haven't read this sort of novel before I high;y suggest you try because though they are tragic there is also a sort of gratefulness and inspiration that they can make you feel. It is hard to explain, so just read it... trust me. I rate this book 4.5/5 stars.

Next up is Loki's Wolves by K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr. I was looking into new series I could pick up since so many of mine are ending... I found this one! I really had no expectations when  picked it up but I thought hey what could it hurt to try right? So I put it on hold at the library and I took it home and ended up reading it fairly quickly. If I had to compare the books to any others I would say they are similar to Rick Riordan's books so if you enjoyed those you probably would enjoy this one. Though similar in some ways I think these books still have their own unique story and in no way are just a copy of his books. I personally am a big mythology lover. I know almost nothing about them but I love reading them. I do eventually want to start learning more about them but that's more a future goal.... either way these books are cool and if your looking for a new series to pick up this wouldn't be a bad choice! I rate this book 4.2/ 5 stars.

The next three I read where the manga's for the clockwork series by Cassandra Clare. I enjoyed the book series which I read quite a long time ago now and as I said with legend I appreciate reading the visual work for these stories as I feel I get a new perspective while still reliving a story I already have read and enjoyed. I personally think the manga's were all done really well. I rate the first 3.9/5 stars, the second 4.0/5 stars and the third 4.2/5 stars.

This next thing was something I had to read for english. I don't think I personally would have chose to pick to read this if it hadn't been for school. I read Othello by Shakespeare. I didn't even read the whole thing since I didn't have too... Like it was alright, but I am not really a fan of shakespeare. Yes I think his worth has historical worth, but I don't find it appealing to read personally. I give it 2.0/5 stars.


The next two books I read were the last two in this series. I read the first book early on in this month and I loved the series so much I quickly went to the library and took out the last two! I am not going to bother talking about the books themselves as I don't want to spoil anything but I would suggest picking up the series and with these books I feel that the quality of writing continues throughout! I give Odin's Ravens 4.2/5 stars and Thor's Serpents 4.3/5 stars.

The last book I read in May was I Crawl Through it by: A.S. King. I absolutely loved this book. I wrote up a review/discussion on that so to see what I thought of it click the link below.

So these are all the books I read for these two months! I have totally failed at doing this on time but thats okay I am working now to catch up! Hope you have been enjoying Faith's posts! (Of course you have)


I shall post my June/July wrap-up shortly after this one.

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