Saturday 12 August 2017

Revisions & Act 2 Struggles | Writing | Faith

Yes, I do realize that it has been close to two months since I last wrote a blog post. I don't exactly know how many of you will really care but that does not make me feel any less guilty than I already do. Not going to lie, taking a break was nice---I did some pretty swell stuff in the time not invested in this blog. And if you're thinking that one of those things was revising my book---you'd be wrong. However, that's not important.

Recently, I've jumped right back into revisions. Not only this but I'm in Act 2, this act is probably my least favourite part of my entire book, and Act two is probably a good 40% of the book so you can see why I'm dreading having to revise the thing. This book is so near and dear to my heart, I came up with the idea when I was maybe twelve years old and it's morphed into something a little bit better. 

Reading and revising the second draft is a moment to reflect on how cocky I was as a writer writing that particular act. I thought it was so good and I thought I'd never change any of it--LOOK AT ME NOW. With almost every chapter I'm cringing because there are things that are dreading out for too long and there are things that are so incredibly rushed. What do I do when I have lost all faith in my writing? I pull out the old drafts and remember how much worse it was.

Although I will tell you something. You know that feeling you get when you see or do something very satisfying. That's the feeling I get when I delete a really irrelevant chapter. It just feels like the book is somehow improving even though it may not be.

Another big obstacle I'm facing at this point in my revisions is the fact that I really, really want to write other stories as well.

The one thing that's really pushing me forward with my revisions is the fact that I know that it's somehow getting better and that it's another step froward.

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