Monday 14 August 2017

Who I Picture as My Characters 2.0 | Writing | Faith

I did do a post like this in the past but you know that was two years ago and now I use banners for everything. So I just thought I'd make a new post about who I picture as my characters when I'm writing. It's come to a point where I refer to the actors as my character names. I was googling pictures and I literally wrote the character names first before writing the actual names of the actors. 

If you're very confused on this post, I'm writing a book---Or at least I'm trying to. It's titled Mortal Hearts & Shadows. Basically it's a book about witches and warlocks. 

In this post, I will be showing you the main cast of characters. The cast consists of, Sabrina, Charles and Jeffrey. The reason behind this is because there are really only three characters that have an actor that I picture. PERHAPS, one day I will write another one and showcase other actors for minor characters.

The first is my MC---my main character Sabrina. As of right now that is her name, I have a new name for her but for the sake of this post she will be Sabrina. Most of Sabrina's physical description comes from Georgie Henley aside from the eye colour. I began "writing" (It's in quotations because I refuse to acknowledge that draft), Mortal Hearts and Shadows during my Narnia phase. Who am I kidding--I am still in a Narnia phase. Anyway, I love Narnia and for some reason Georgie Henley stood out to me as an actress. It's really weird because now whenever I see her I just think of Sabrina and then I will have a moment where I'm like, she's not real? Yeah... The mind of a writer.

Sabrina is probably the best difficult character to write because she doesn't know anything of the world she's in. I know who she's going to become, so it's so incredibly frustrating to see her in the now if that makes sense. I have to remember that I am responsible for her character growth and her future...It's literally like NO PRESSURE.

Especially since I'm in revisions I'm starting to see all of the weird flaws in her character that I don't want to be there. There's nothing wrong with character's having flaws but the things that I'm making Sabrina do are so not Sabrina. It feels like I have no control, but at the end of the day I'm the one typing her actions.

The next character is most definitely my favourite character in my book. Charles Incotac is probably one of my favourite character creations. He's just super dorky and adorable and all around very precious. 

ANYWAY. This is the actor I picture as Charles, his name is Max Irons. I don't exactly remember why I chose him. It was one of those things where it kind of just happened and I found myself labeling him as Charles. This is character casting that I always found super interesting when talking to people who have read parts of my book. Everyone always pictures him having like a round face and it's very interesting.

For a while, Jeffrey was a character without a face. Jeffrey was always a character that I felt very strange towards. Then one day I just saw Keiynan Lonsdale and was literally like that's Jeffrey. Jeffrey is another character where I know his fate I'm just unsure of his path. My brain will go one way but then I will start thinking of the consequences in a sense I will find myself very unsure of it all.

With that abrupt note this was my short post on my characters!

Look out for my writing posts!

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