Monday 28 August 2017

Wonder Woman Review | Faith

So if you think I'm actually going to sit here, and actually critique the film---I'm so not. Wonder Woman, is the top grossing superhero origin movie, and there's a reason why. For me, it is by far the most empowering super hero film.

You know, when I saw the trailer for this months, and months ago I was ecstatic. HOWEVER, having seen the past DC films such as Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman---you know that takes down your expectations QUITE A BIT. I'm a DC fan, I want every film they make to be as amazing as Wonder Woman was. What I took from this film is that, I want to be wonder woman when I grow up and--I have a girl crush on Gal Gadot.

With every superhero movie, and TV show I've watched this is by far my favourite. The way the story is told is just so different than any other super hero based film. It's very much a film that's like YES I CAN, AND I WILL. It's inspiring while not physically trying to show that it's trying to inspire if that makes sense. 

This film is so empowering because Diana knows that she's awesome. I also loved how she gave absolutely no shits over what people thought of her.

Wonder Woman almost brought me to tears---and if it weren't for my eyes being so dry I'm sure I would've cried. You know the scene where she has her shield and she's just going for the bullets---AH YES IT WAS SO FREAKIN EMPOWERING. I WAS LIKE YESS. What got me the most was that she was inspiring others to fight back, and that was a very powerful moment.

I think what I love most about Diana's character is her innocence. SHE IS THE FREAKIN GOD KILLER, yet she is the purest of them all. 

If I'm going to be honest, there were definitely moments where I would be like, that could've been done better or---the pacing there should be a little quicker. However, comparing it the past DC movies recently released---It was incredible. Putting the fact that I'm comparing the two aside, just the fact that this is the highest grossing Super Hero origin story in theatres--you know that says something.

One of my favourite parts of this film was the fact that we never had to be told that Diana was a hero. I found that with certain DC TV shows for example, the energy we get from it is really like--I'm a hero and I want everyone to know it. With Wonder Woman--she's just doing what she feels what's right in her heart, and she doesn't care for the title. And I strongly believe that factor alone is what separates this from all super hero related films.

Another factor about this movie that I loved was how people based it was. Even though it was about Wonder Woman (obviously) we still get that essence of what she's fighting for--who she is fighting for. And I absolutely loved it because it was done so well. It didn't get lost in the glorification of Diana being a hero.

This review is very jumbled yes, however if I were to continue the only thing you'd be getting out of me would be---I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH. And you know I'm not sure if you want to read 50 paragraphs on me rewording the exact same thing. So if you couldn't tell already--THIS WAS A 5 STAR MOVIE FOR ME. She is a goddess.

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  1. YES SAME! I've seen so many super hero films and TV shows, but have never felt so empowered as I did with Wonder Woman.


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