Saturday 31 October 2015

September/October Wrap Up | Faith

The first book I read was actually near the end of August, I just forgot to include it in my past wrap up. Anyway, this book is To Be Honest by: T.C. Booth which was sent to me for an honest review. I actually reviewed this book already, and you can read it HERE.

The actual first book that I read this month was Every Day by: David Leviathan. As I had said in my TBR, I had an interest in reading this for a number of months but only picked it up because of my cravings for contemporary books. It was a very intriguing story but the characters were nothing special for me. Reading from A's perspective was very interesting but I found that I wasn't really immersing myself into the romance aspect of it. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. It was a very entertaining and gripping read and I would love to pick up Another Day.


The first book I read in October was The Iron Trial by: Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. There has been some comparisons to Harry Potter, which I kind of saw in the book but not really. The major similarity is probably just the boarding school and one of the characters in the cover looking like a death eater.

One thing that I really loved about this book was the world, I love anything that has to do with the elements. Sometimes I'm kind of jealous that middle-grade books get a lot of the amazing adventure stories. The writing in this book was fantastic however I didn't find the plot that exciting. So I would rate it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Saturday 24 October 2015

Shadowhunters: TV Show | New Promo | Review | Faith

A new Shadowhunters promo was released. I have a feeling that this show will have a lot of world building (obviously) which might have to involve some cliche lines and scenes. In a way, I feel like the actors capabilities was reflected better in this trailer than let's say the first look and the first seven minutes clip.

In this trailer we got to see some new things. Such as the silent brothers. To me, they looked a lot more mysterious and creepy than the movie. We also got to see the demons, I am very glad that they don't really have any similarities to the movie version of them. The FX they did for the demon that we see in the trailer is pretty cool and it is quite cringe worthy. It's kind of like an octopus with teeth.

An actor we got to see more of was Alan as Valentine! If you didn't know, I love Reign and I am so excited for Alan to be playing Valentine because I truly believe that he can portray him in a very scary but appealing way. From what we saw in this trailer, he does seem very dark but not crazy dark like he was in the movie.

Something that I thought that was missing from the movie was Clary's love for art. It seems like from this, we're going to see more of Clary and her artwork. 

In a lot of interviews, the cast has repeatedly said that this show really does focus on the relationships of the characters. In this trailer you can definitely see that, and we only see such small glimpses of the characters.

What are your thoughts on this trailer and the others? Tell me in the comments or contact us!

You can check out my previous post on Shadowhunters HERE

Saturday 10 October 2015

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments | Trailer/First Look | Review

With my excitement and anticipation for Shadowhunters I've decided to follow more of the journey of this show. I am planning on doing episode reviews hopefully in the future. I'm also doing this because we haven't been posting lately, and I thought this was a great excuse to write a blog post.

The first trailer that was released was a teaser trailer, and it was released through snapchat. Therefore, I created a snapchat just to watch the trailer. A lot of people actually thought that this was the shows content which was strange. My first thought when I watched this was "This is so CW."  I thought that this was a very interesting way of filming and producing the trailer. This teaser was so entertaining. it did not really showcase anything from the show but it can definitely get your attention. However, I don't think it would pull other viewers in since it did not show much of the story.

The next was thing that was released was a first footage thing but it can really be called a trailer. There is something that always bothers me when it comes to fans. They are already so judgemental, and they're saying that the storyline is already completely different. This was most likely from the pilot episode, and we really don't know where this is going to go. As far as I can tell, nothing much has changed besides a few things. 

Something that I am looking forward to is seeing more of other characters that we didn't get to see in the movie. From this trailer, we know that we are going to get a slight backstory of the block on Clary's mind. One of the strangest parts was where Clary just disappears from their home. That obviously wasn't in the book, and I'm curious to see what's happening because right now it does not make sense.

Right away you can tell that this show is going to be more action packed and edgier than the film. That is an aspect that I am really looking forward to because there wasn't much action in the movie. I am not going to be reviewing the actor's ability of portraying the roles because we have only seen this trailer. It's not something that I can base an opinion on. However, I do have a lot of faith in these actors.

Overall, this trailer just made me really excited. I already know that they're not going to be following the books storyline 100% and what I mean by that is that they're adding a bunch of side stories with other characters. I believe that it's going to be the books but with added POV's. If you have not seen the trailers, please do and let me know what you think.

Just recently they released two clips from the first episode. The first thing I will say is that I'm not a fan of the writing. It just comes off as ridiculous and cheesy. I am not bothered by the actors at all, it's just the lines. I was not really expecting anything big from the FX since it is only the first season, I do not think that the sparks were needed. I am trying to stay positive since this is from the first episode, and I'm hoping that the writing gets better because I know what the actors  (Mostly Dom Sherwood and Katherine Mcnamara) are capable of and it would be a shame if their talent wasn't shown. However, they really got Simon. I like what we're seeing from him.

I think a lot of people confuse acting with writing. If the writing isn't well done, it's not going to come out with seriousness. I don't want to be negative, but if the writers were going for the teen audience this is not how you get their attention. If you're not convinced with any of these actors go ahead and watch some of their other films, have you seen Dom Sherwood as Christian Ozera? I am staying hopeful, because there is a whole season ahead of us and hopefully it will improve! A lot of people have been commenting on their acting, and in my eyes their acting isn't the source of the problem, it's the writing. Besides that, I actually quite enjoyed it. 

For some reason, I don't really care if it's exactly like the book. To me, as long as the books content is there and it doesn't ruin the plot line for anything I will be happy.