Tuesday 12 September 2017

A Court of Wings & Ruin | Spoiler-Free Review | Faith

I read this book a number of days ago, so the feelings are no longer fresh. However, saying that I would like to point out my thoughts still remain the same. First off, when I first read A Court of Thorns & Roses, I merely thought it was okay. I was absolutely blown away with A Court of Mist & Fury, and I was disappointed with A Court of Wings and Ruin.

There are many flaws with Sarah J. Maas's books, one of those things being diversity and just realism in general. I could probably go into a whole other review just talking about how white, and how heterosexual almost of all Sarah J. Maas's books are. This is not the review for that though.

For me as a reader, I believe the quality of each of Sarah J. Maas's books has gone down. If you compare the storylines--sure the stakes are greater. However the quality is not nearly as what it used to be. 

With A Court of Wings & Ruin, I found myself being constantly pulled in and out of the story itself. For the first third of the book I was heavily enthralled and once I reached around the middle I found myself being less and less enthralled. 

This book was way too long. The length did not add anything unique or intriguing to the book---it simply added more time. And it seemed like it was added to make the reader feel like there was something coming when in reality it isn't really that exciting. I honestly think this book would've been so much better if it was only around the 500 page mark. The length made the whole pacing thing out of proportion.

Putting the disappointing storyline aside---I still love the world and characters. I think characters and storyline are factors in a book that Sarah J. Maas can never disappoint with. It's such a rich world, and it's always so much fun to read about.

The characters always have such great backstory, although I did feel like they were a little bit more bland in this book. ESPECIALLY Rhysand. I felt that many characters in this book lacked the depth they had in the previous books.

A very random note, this book had some extremely quotable moments. 

To avoid spoilers, I will end this with that I was expecting more from a finale, and the fact that this is the last book from Feyre's POV. I was expecting to go out with a big bang, instead we ended off with like a really anti-climactic boom if that makes any sense. I rated this a 3.75 out of stars, and in my opinion that's a very fair rating. It's a solid 75%. I don't know, I've just been seeing so many people rating this a 4 or 4.5/5 stars when they've had like even more problems with it than I have. That number is an 80%, in my opinion it's a little high when they clearly have so many faults with a book.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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