Review Policy

Review Policy

We are currently NOT accepting review copies

(Please Contact If You Have An Interest. [#1] ) 

We are both happy to accept books for review! We will accept, ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), e-books, as well as finished physical copies if available! However, since we are two different people, there may be different terms that either one of us will have.

Preferred Ebook Format: .ePub or .mobi 

Interested in getting a review?

Please email us at if you're an author/publisher wanting us to review your book(s). 

#1) Please know that even if we are not accepting any books for review, we would like to know about your book(s) just in case we would like to make an exception and review your book!

#2) Review depends on whether it is SPOILER-FREE or not.

#3)  We are also happy to do interviews and HOST giveaways. 

FAITH: Review Policy

Books That I ACCEPT:
  1. Young-Adult (All sub-genres)
  2. Fantasy/high fantasy
  3. Science Fiction
  4. New Adult
  5. Occasionally Dystopian
  6. Self-Published/Indie (Only Fantasy or Science Fiction)
  7. Graphic Novels
  1. Short Stories
  2. Middle-grade (Occasionally will accept)
  3. Futuristic Dystopians (Occasionally will accept. READ: Dystopians Post)
  4. Chic-Lit (If you do have a contemporary/chic lit book, please contact us because there is someone on our team who may be willing to read your book.)
What to expect in a review:
  1. A summary from Goodreads
  2. My honest opinion.
  3. A rating between 1-5 stars
My reviews will be posted on this blog, and will be shared on multiple different social media platforms such as, Google+ and Twitter. The reviews would be scheduled to posted in a matter of weeks, maximum would be one month after, there were also be a mini review in my monthly wrap ups. I rarely ever post reviews on Amazon and that is because I DO NOT use Amazon as often as others.

Please know that I am a High School student, and I will not always have time to review your books. There may be times where the post might be delayed. If that is a problem for you, I suggest that you DO NOT ask us to review your book(s). If something does come in the way of the scheduled posting date, the author/publisher will be notified ASAP by myself.

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