Monday 28 August 2017

Wonder Woman Review | Faith

So if you think I'm actually going to sit here, and actually critique the film---I'm so not. Wonder Woman, is the top grossing superhero origin movie, and there's a reason why. For me, it is by far the most empowering super hero film.

You know, when I saw the trailer for this months, and months ago I was ecstatic. HOWEVER, having seen the past DC films such as Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman---you know that takes down your expectations QUITE A BIT. I'm a DC fan, I want every film they make to be as amazing as Wonder Woman was. What I took from this film is that, I want to be wonder woman when I grow up and--I have a girl crush on Gal Gadot.

With every superhero movie, and TV show I've watched this is by far my favourite. The way the story is told is just so different than any other super hero based film. It's very much a film that's like YES I CAN, AND I WILL. It's inspiring while not physically trying to show that it's trying to inspire if that makes sense. 

This film is so empowering because Diana knows that she's awesome. I also loved how she gave absolutely no shits over what people thought of her.

Wonder Woman almost brought me to tears---and if it weren't for my eyes being so dry I'm sure I would've cried. You know the scene where she has her shield and she's just going for the bullets---AH YES IT WAS SO FREAKIN EMPOWERING. I WAS LIKE YESS. What got me the most was that she was inspiring others to fight back, and that was a very powerful moment.

I think what I love most about Diana's character is her innocence. SHE IS THE FREAKIN GOD KILLER, yet she is the purest of them all. 

If I'm going to be honest, there were definitely moments where I would be like, that could've been done better or---the pacing there should be a little quicker. However, comparing it the past DC movies recently released---It was incredible. Putting the fact that I'm comparing the two aside, just the fact that this is the highest grossing Super Hero origin story in theatres--you know that says something.

One of my favourite parts of this film was the fact that we never had to be told that Diana was a hero. I found that with certain DC TV shows for example, the energy we get from it is really like--I'm a hero and I want everyone to know it. With Wonder Woman--she's just doing what she feels what's right in her heart, and she doesn't care for the title. And I strongly believe that factor alone is what separates this from all super hero related films.

Another factor about this movie that I loved was how people based it was. Even though it was about Wonder Woman (obviously) we still get that essence of what she's fighting for--who she is fighting for. And I absolutely loved it because it was done so well. It didn't get lost in the glorification of Diana being a hero.

This review is very jumbled yes, however if I were to continue the only thing you'd be getting out of me would be---I LOVED IT SOOOO MUCH. And you know I'm not sure if you want to read 50 paragraphs on me rewording the exact same thing. So if you couldn't tell already--THIS WAS A 5 STAR MOVIE FOR ME. She is a goddess.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Character Profiles | Writing | Faith

This is yet again, another post in the writing segment of this blog. Is it a segment--I guess so. Anyway, one of my favourite parts of writing is creating characters. For me, it is probably one of the most things to do when developing a story idea. In a previous post, I wrote a piece about who I picture as my characters. Since I've jumped back into my revisions and really would like to keep this blog on it's feet I've decided to do a whole lot more with my story. So one day I sat down and asked myself---What can I share from my story that won't spoil or give away too much. The answer to that is CHARACTERS. 

Just letting you know, I am basing this profile off of an example made by one of my favourite writers, Jenna Moreci. You can go check out her example HERE

Age: 18 years 

Race, Ethnicity & Culture: Sabrina is a witch. Sabrina's cultural background mainly comes from Europe. Most of her blood would be Scottish and Irish. Although it's a little bit difficult to describe her culture as she is a witch and her DNA would be a bit different. 

Height: 5'5-5'6

Appearance: Sabrina has a shade of deep natural auburn hair. Brown eyes, a round-ish face and button like nose. 

Skin is relatively rosy, but also has a warm undertone so that she isn't always completely flushed.

Sabrina also kind of has that face that's almost doll like? Quite innocent looking.

Where is she from? Sabrina was born in her homeland--Moonlight Kingdom but she doesn't remember because she was an infant. Sabrina had to leave the realm because her uncle who is known in this world as The Shadow Ruler wants to kill her. 

She then was raised by her father alongside her adoptive brother Lander in a little town called Sedbergh, Cumbria.

Family: By blood, Sabrina has her father Ameero, mother Oddette, cousins Susan and William. Not to mention her dark warlock uncle Anecto. She also has an adoptive brother, Lander.

Her mother Oddette died during childbirth---or so she thinks...

Susan and William, daughter and son of her uncle Anecto and aunt Lavender Lily Carter.

Friends: Sabrina did have friends in Sedbergh but it was always difficult for her to connect with them. They were never on the same wave length as her. However when she get's to Moonlight, she begins to form bonds to the people with her. Mostly Charles...

Skills: Learning to fight... She's kind of a work in progress.

Occupation/Schooling: Sabrina was planning on going to University/College but she kind of got thrown into a magical realm. So that's been put on hold. Her occupation? The Crescent Moon, A.K.A the destined killer of her uncle---The Shadow Ruler.

Hobbies: Reading, stargazing, reading and more reading. Also---READING!

Introvert or Extrovert? Sabrina is an introvert who prefers to be alone but still craves the need for human interaction.

Strengths: Her caring nature? Sabrina is quite caring in my opinion but she honestly still has to learn her strengths. She's still discovering herself.

Weaknesses: Sabrina is very in denial. She refuses to see the truth because she is unwilling to accept reality. She is too comfortable with settling for things so when negative or problematic things do come in her way she's just very like---NOPE!

Fears: Losing the people she loves, and also losing the trust of the people she has learned to care for.

Insecurities: Everyone in this realm has been already so disappointed in her being the Crescent Moon. So Sabrina already has this huge thing to live up to and people are already disowning her abilities. She is very afraid that she's not going to be able to do what she's meant to do as well being responsible for many people losing their lives.

What would she die for? Anyone she loves. She would die for anyone she loves if it meant they would live she would gladly give up her life for them.


Race, Ethnicity & Culture: Charles is an Incotac Warlock which means he has the ability to control wind and air etc.

Height: 5'8-5'10

Appearance: Charles is quite lean. He's lean but not very broad.

He has short slightly curly blonde hair. A chiseled jaw and chin. Also a long-ish face.

Where is he from? Charles was born and raised in Incotac Kingdom.

Family: Mother who has mysteriously disappeared. Father. Siblings, Frederick, Mirabelle and Winifred.

Friends: Charles is kind of awkward. He does have friends but to say that he's good at communicating would be a little much. He mostly socializes with the people who are in the castle and his siblings.

Skills: Swords, Throwing Knives is what he is most proficient in. He can use and wield other weapons but he mostly uses swords.

Occupation/Schooling: Charles has a very good education. However he is slightly more advanced than most warlocks and witches as he spends most of his time broadening his mind.

Hobbies: Crafting swords and other weapons, Reading/studying, stargazing, fight training.

Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert.

Strengths: The ability to take control of a situation, he's really good with words.

Weaknesses: I don't know if this would be a weakness but he falls in love really hard. He gets really wept up in it.

Fears: Being alone. This doesn't mean he is afraid of losing anyone to death--he honestly really isn't. Death is obviously very saddening but he is more afraid of losing someone to some outer force. His father lost himself in his drinking so in his eyes he lost a parent even though he's still alive.

Insecurities: Being judged.

What would she die for? Charles would die for anything and anyone if it was for the greater good.

23 years 

Race, Ethnicity & Culture: Jeffrey is an Anglow Warlock, he has the ability to control and create fire etc. Jeffrey ethnicity is mostly African, which reigon of Africa is unknown. 

Height: 5'7-5'8

Appearance: Jeffrey kind of has a darkish olive tone. His hair colour is black or a very dark shade of brown and is quite short in terms of length.

Where is he from? Jeffrey was born and raised in Anglow Kingdom.

Family: Jeffrey had a father, a sister and a nephew. He believes all of them to be dead.

Friends: Jeffrey did have friends but they all died in a fire that destroyed his entire kingdom.

Skills: Can wield fire, knows how to ride a pegasus, great with a sword.

Occupation/Schooling: Jeffrey is fairly educated, how much of it he remembers---I don't know.

Hobbies: Pegasus riding.

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert.

Strengths: I feel like Jeffrey is a very critical thinker, and likes to analyze things before he jumps into anything especially battle. He's a hard thinker this one.

Weaknesses: He can often let his emotions get in the way. Jeffrey is very much a character that let's his emotions cloud the bigger picture.

Fears: Being without family, facing Anecto, the curse that said he's destined to die.

Insecurities: Now that his family is gone, Jeffrey is very in the mindset that nobody can love him. This doesn't mean ROMANCE. It applies to all types of love. In his eyes, there is no one in his world for him to love and care for.

What would he die for? What and who Jeffrey would die for is currently gone. However this does not mean he will not find other people or other things to die for.

THESE WERE THREE OF MY CHARACTER PROFILES. I really hope you liked reading through them knowing nothing of my story! Character related stuff is always really fun for me, so even if you didn't understand anything I still loved writing this piece.

Monday 21 August 2017

My Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 7 | Faith

Before you ask--No I have no read any of the Game of Thrones books. Like many others I have watched these past six episodes, and it's almost a guarantee that my heart is going to stammer like nobody's business. There's been a lot of argument on whether or not season 7 is the best or worst season. And I've come to think about it a little. My conclusion is that it's not the best season but it's also not the worst season.

In terms of depth, this might be the worst of them all but entertainment value? I would say it would be one of the best. If you do any research on the show you'd know that they're straying off the books, only because the other books in the series are not published yet. This season has been one of the most entertaining in my opinion. And I think it's the fact that it's so entertaining, that it's making people think that this is the best season by far when it reality it isn't.

A lot of stuff has happened within the 6 episodes we've seen. What I've noticed is that the show runner's are taking this opportunity to do everything they have ever wanted, or are confirming every single fan theory there is. 

A running trend with Game of Thrones is there never ending ability to produce filler episodes that really do nothing to advance the plot. Now the trend with season 7 is producing CGI dependant and plot twist based episodes. I would be lying if I said I didn't like it.

With the final episodes coming our way, they obviously want to be talked about. The episodes they are producing are doing just that. Sure, there are some negative comments about it, but you know what really matters? The fact that we are talking about it. The more buzz, the more popular it gets---I didn't even know it was possible for Game of Thrones to get more popular but somehow it's getting bigger.

What I've noticed with each episode is that it makes my blood boil. If you think about it, this season has been quite predictable. The characters will contemplate an action, and we the viewers can usually predict whether or not they will carry out said action. However, even though it is heavily predictable, it's one thing to picture it and it's one thing to physically see it in front of your eyes. When you see it, it makes it set in stone and that's what gets us talking about the show.

You want proof? Look at my tweets on Twitter.

Game of Thrones the TV show got far because of the books, and I do believe and I think it's pretty obvious that most of their success comes from the books. Now that they're sort of non-existent the writers are like OH NO what makes our show good is gone. So what do they do? Make it incredibly jaw dropping and ENTERTAINING.

So, regarding episode 6 of this season. At first I predicted they were gonna kill Dany but then I realized it wouldn't make sense for this section of the story. Then, I was like they're going to kill the dragon and turn into an zombie ice dragon. Then I went---NO THEY WOULD NEVER TAKE AWAY DANY'S DRAGONS AWAY. You see how wrong I was? This is the process. A Fan has a theory, fan dislikes theory and wishes it never to happen then what do you know? IT FREAKIN HAPPENS.

The show runners behind Game of Thrones are clever is all I have to say really.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Shadowhunters Finale Review | Faith

Without a doubt, Shadowhunters season 2 was a huge improvement from season 1. Although better, it does not mean that it didn't have flaws or that it turned into the greatest TV in all the land. Shadowhunters is a show I love to love, but also love to critique. I haven't been writing reviews for the episodes as I used to because 1) I was kind of busy, 2) my thoughts were basically the same throughout each episode. The only episode in which no problems really occurred for was the episode directed by Paul Wesley. Most of the things that I will be pointing out from the finale are all the of the flaws I recognized were in most of the episodes.

My least favourite part of this entire episode was most certainly everything involving the Seelie Queen. If you didn't really know, I'm not the biggest fan of Sarah Hyland as the Seelie Queen--I think she does great in comedy and more light hearted roles. However with drama? I'm not sure. Sarah Hyland looks great as The Seelie Queen, however her portrayal is less scary than the child. I definitely think that there could've been a better casting choice for another form of the Seelie Queen. I would also like to point out that the whole shifting forms thing was just an excuse to cast Sarah which I'm not a fan of. They should've stuck with one casting because the whole different age and form thing plays no relevance in the plot nor does it have any significance.

Don't get me wrong, Sarah Hyland's portrayal wasn't terrible. I just don't feel like she was the right casting choice. I feel like they could've gone with a stronger actress on this one. 

The entire Seelie Court storyline of this episode felt like it was thrown in to make sure they included the other characters. Not to mention it was all very rushed and felt like they were trying to speed it up to get back to the Valentine storyline.

As much as I loved Clace in this episode it felt weird. And the reason why it felt weird at certain points was because of the way Clary had been acting only maybe 3 episodes ago. One minute, she can't stand to be next to Jace and all of the sudden she's all touchy at a bar with him. 

What I will say is that I loved the way their relationship was portrayed during the whole Jace dying thing. I think that entire dynamic between Jace, Clary and Valentine was done very, very well. Especially with Valentine, Alan Van Sprang is STELLAR. Also that entire area of the episode was an area that wasn't as rushed as I thought it would be. I personally feel like we could've spent so much time in that part of the episode without being interrupted by Isabelle, Alec and Magnus. Nonetheless, it was one of the show's strongest moments, and as a book fan I was very happy to see that scene.

One thing that kinda bugged me about Clace in this episode was how distant Jace was. Again, this has to do with the consistency of it all. Before Jace was the one chasing now it seems like Clary is the one chasing. It would be nice to have Clace be in sync for once.

They did have some great moments though---I will admit that. When Jace said he loved Clary, my heart shattered a little bit.

A huge problem I have with this show is the lack of demons. Now I know that at the time, Valentine is the bigger picture. HOWEVER, the demons we saw were either possessing shadowhunters or humans, or they took the form of a human. It's so lazy in my opinion to do that. This is a demon hunting show, if you're going to show demons, SHOW THEM. Also, it would be nice to not have the demons die with one arrow or one slash of a seraph blade.

Magnus and Alec FINALLY cleared up their drama. Honestly, I did not have a problem with their issues it was the way Magnus reacted. You'd think for a warlock whose lived hundreds of years would be a little more mature? It honestly felt really middle school esque

Overall, those were my thoughts. I didn't go into much detail only because I would be repeating everything I said in previous reviews. If you'd like to read my past Shadowhunters reviews for episodes from Season 1 and 2 I will link them HERE.

Monday 14 August 2017

Who I Picture as My Characters 2.0 | Writing | Faith

I did do a post like this in the past but you know that was two years ago and now I use banners for everything. So I just thought I'd make a new post about who I picture as my characters when I'm writing. It's come to a point where I refer to the actors as my character names. I was googling pictures and I literally wrote the character names first before writing the actual names of the actors. 

If you're very confused on this post, I'm writing a book---Or at least I'm trying to. It's titled Mortal Hearts & Shadows. Basically it's a book about witches and warlocks. 

In this post, I will be showing you the main cast of characters. The cast consists of, Sabrina, Charles and Jeffrey. The reason behind this is because there are really only three characters that have an actor that I picture. PERHAPS, one day I will write another one and showcase other actors for minor characters.

The first is my MC---my main character Sabrina. As of right now that is her name, I have a new name for her but for the sake of this post she will be Sabrina. Most of Sabrina's physical description comes from Georgie Henley aside from the eye colour. I began "writing" (It's in quotations because I refuse to acknowledge that draft), Mortal Hearts and Shadows during my Narnia phase. Who am I kidding--I am still in a Narnia phase. Anyway, I love Narnia and for some reason Georgie Henley stood out to me as an actress. It's really weird because now whenever I see her I just think of Sabrina and then I will have a moment where I'm like, she's not real? Yeah... The mind of a writer.

Sabrina is probably the best difficult character to write because she doesn't know anything of the world she's in. I know who she's going to become, so it's so incredibly frustrating to see her in the now if that makes sense. I have to remember that I am responsible for her character growth and her future...It's literally like NO PRESSURE.

Especially since I'm in revisions I'm starting to see all of the weird flaws in her character that I don't want to be there. There's nothing wrong with character's having flaws but the things that I'm making Sabrina do are so not Sabrina. It feels like I have no control, but at the end of the day I'm the one typing her actions.

The next character is most definitely my favourite character in my book. Charles Incotac is probably one of my favourite character creations. He's just super dorky and adorable and all around very precious. 

ANYWAY. This is the actor I picture as Charles, his name is Max Irons. I don't exactly remember why I chose him. It was one of those things where it kind of just happened and I found myself labeling him as Charles. This is character casting that I always found super interesting when talking to people who have read parts of my book. Everyone always pictures him having like a round face and it's very interesting.

For a while, Jeffrey was a character without a face. Jeffrey was always a character that I felt very strange towards. Then one day I just saw Keiynan Lonsdale and was literally like that's Jeffrey. Jeffrey is another character where I know his fate I'm just unsure of his path. My brain will go one way but then I will start thinking of the consequences in a sense I will find myself very unsure of it all.

With that abrupt note this was my short post on my characters!

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Saturday 12 August 2017

Writing Rituals Tag | Faith

The writing rituals tag is a tag by authors Kim Chance and Mandi Lynn. I watched both of their videos and was like--I want to do that. I don't have a YouTube channel to do it, but I have a blog! So I thought that it would be perfect to do it here.

Now that I have a job, the timing of my writing has kind of shifted a little bit. However, even though I have more things to occupy me it does not mean that I am any less of a night owl. I'm not sure if many of you can relate, but everyday, there is always something that inspires, motivates or pushes me to write. For some reason, this always hit me in the late hours of the night. I can usually write at various times throughout the day, but for some reason I am always more productive at Midnight.

The simple answer to this question is that I don't. When I write, I don't really have a problem with ignoring Social Media. I do get easily distracted, but when it comes to writing, I just kind of get in a zone that can only really be disrupted when there is a physical person in the room with me.

I feel like this is a weird question for me. For me personally, I will just casually or skim read it--especially if I'm just trying to write as much as I can. However, right now, I read it in more depth since I am doing revisions and would like identify all of my book's problem areas. There isn't a particular order that I do, I will do it through acts usually. Or if there's an area of my book that I know I have a problem with or where I'm not fully satisfied that is where I will typically start. I don't even know if I answered the question properly. XD

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. No, I'm just kidding. I'm a very music oriented person when it comes to my writing. There isn't one song that I go to, it's often a playlist on Spotify. I have separate playlists, I have one just for general writing, one for a specific story and one that just makes me feel very happy. However, the one playlist I often find myself going back to when feeling uninspired is one for a story that I'm not working on. It's a playlist for another WIP that's titled, "The Five Statues." If you're interested I'll link it below. To name a few songs that inspire me, I would say every single Ruelle song, Emerald by: Lyra and any James Newton Howard composed soundtrack


I will re-evaluate my book. Pinterest is almost always involved when it comes me struggling with writer's block. Luckily, I haven't really had writer's block in a long time. I have felt unmotivated to write but I haven't been stuck in any shape or form lately.

I use Pages on Mac to write. A major tool I use for outlining, notes and other writing things I need to keep track of is Evernote. It's a free app, but there is a premium option available. It's just so fantastic because I can keep all of my writing necessities in one place. It's so awesome because for each project I can have a separate "notebook" for each one. So I don't even have to worry about anything getting mixed up.

I also have a notebook filled with critiques from my critique partners. Also in the notebook are notes and reminders for and from myself. If we're going to keep going on with the stationary thing--PENS, sticky notes and extra paper.

I do use the Internet strictly for Spotify and Pinterest. I am a very visual person and often like to have some sort of visual stimulation to help with my brain. Music also moves me in various ways as I'm sure many of you will understand. 

You ready to hear this really original answer? My computer. 

How do I fuel myself during a writing session? I don't really know how to answer this question if I'm going to be quite honest. If I were to decide on one thing it would probably be my characters. I just have this deep love for them and their story I know I have to write, also my 12 year old self. This story has been in my brain for almost 6 years and I never finished it. It's like I owe it to my past self to write and finish this book you know?

You know the saying when you know you know? I know the context of that saying is very different ,but for me there's just this click that goes off within me. It's like I can relax and continue on with my day without having to worry. Another way to tell when I'm done writing if I've written a good chunk of words and by chunk I mean like 2,000 words. In my revision stage, I would say if I've revised a good couple of chapters. 

So that was the writing rituals tag!

Feel free to do this tag!

Revisions & Act 2 Struggles | Writing | Faith

Yes, I do realize that it has been close to two months since I last wrote a blog post. I don't exactly know how many of you will really care but that does not make me feel any less guilty than I already do. Not going to lie, taking a break was nice---I did some pretty swell stuff in the time not invested in this blog. And if you're thinking that one of those things was revising my book---you'd be wrong. However, that's not important.

Recently, I've jumped right back into revisions. Not only this but I'm in Act 2, this act is probably my least favourite part of my entire book, and Act two is probably a good 40% of the book so you can see why I'm dreading having to revise the thing. This book is so near and dear to my heart, I came up with the idea when I was maybe twelve years old and it's morphed into something a little bit better. 

Reading and revising the second draft is a moment to reflect on how cocky I was as a writer writing that particular act. I thought it was so good and I thought I'd never change any of it--LOOK AT ME NOW. With almost every chapter I'm cringing because there are things that are dreading out for too long and there are things that are so incredibly rushed. What do I do when I have lost all faith in my writing? I pull out the old drafts and remember how much worse it was.

Although I will tell you something. You know that feeling you get when you see or do something very satisfying. That's the feeling I get when I delete a really irrelevant chapter. It just feels like the book is somehow improving even though it may not be.

Another big obstacle I'm facing at this point in my revisions is the fact that I really, really want to write other stories as well.

The one thing that's really pushing me forward with my revisions is the fact that I know that it's somehow getting better and that it's another step froward.