Sunday 8 March 2015

February Wrap-Up! -RQK

The first book I read this month was a short story, "Mitosis" by: Brandon Sanderson. This story takes place in the same world as his book Steelheart. In this one the reckoners are fighting an Epic known as Mitosis. You may or may not be able to guess his ability based off his name. I won't spoil this, but if you have read the first and or second book in this series I suggest you read this story. It may be a short story but it very interesting just the same! Brandon Sanderson has actually released the second book of this series, unfortunately I still haven't been able to get my hands on a copy, but I assure you I am working on it! I would give this short story 5/5 stars!

The next two books I read were actually graphic novels based of Rick Riordan books. The first books to both the Percy Jackson and the Hero's of Olympus series. I absolutely love all of Rick Riordan's books! Even his short stories are absolutely phenomenal! I have always had an interest in ancient cultures, but these books made me love them even more! If you haven't read them yet then well what have you been doing with your life?! I am just kidding... kind of. Seriously though if you have not read any of his books I highly suggest you go to a library or book store and get one of them! I am not really sure if I can really rate graphic novels to books I have already read. However if I was to rate them based off how well they portrayed the books I would say they both deserve 5/5 stars as well! 

The last book that I finished this month was "Killer Instinct" by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Jennifer is actually our author of the month! How exciting I actually got to pick it for the first time! I have read many of her books and I absolutely loved them all! I also loved this book, no surprise. Jennifer is a tremendous author and I would suggest her books to absolutely everybody! I am working on a review for this book, when I post it I will link it in our author of the month section as well as on this wrap-up.

Note: I was so excited about Jennifer Lynn Barnes book that I didn't finish the other book I was reading. Also in English I have been reading a book that I have yet to finish. These two books are: BZRK:Reloaded by: Michael Grant as well as Frankenstein by:Mary Shelley. These books will most likely be in next months wrap-up.

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