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Who I Picture As My Characters | FTM

Sabrina's life wasn't strange, her nose was constantly peaking into books, and she had a very loving family. What more could she ask for? An answer. All her life Sabrina felt a tug, a tug telling her that she was different. There were secrets kept from her, unexplained black-outs, suspicious deaths and so much more. Little did she know that the life that she thought she knew wasn't really her life or that was what she was telling herself. What was she?A Robinson?A Moonlight? No. She is the Crescent Moon.

- Wattpad Synopsis

Ever since I started writing Sabrina which was years ago, there were some people who I always pictured as the characters that I wrote about. If my story ever gets published and get's picked up for a movie (probably will never happen) I would want these people to play my characters. Maybe not all of them but definitely Sabrina and Charles.

Georgie Henley as Sabrina Moonlight

If you didn't know already, Georgie played Lucy in The Chronicles of Narnia. Narnia is one of my favourite book/movie series and Georgie was one of my favourite actors from the series. I honestly don't know what made me, I guess fan-cast her as Sabrina it just happened. I've always pictured her as Sabrina, if a miracle happens and my story get's turned into a movie I would really love for her to play 'Sabrina' (Again, probably never gonna happen)

Will Swenson as Ameero Moonlight

Will is more well known in the theatre world, and I discovered him because of his portrayal as Javert in Les Mis on Broadway! Fantastic singer and fantastic actor!

Nicole Kidman as Sabrenta Featherwind Moonlight

I always envisioned Nicole as Sabrenta, mainly because I have a huge obsession with the movie Moulin Rouge.

Ramin Karimloo as Anecto Moonlight

Ramin was someone who I always pictured as Anecto, I discovered him because because of The Phantom Of The Opera; He's just really good at playing the psychotic characters.

Max Irons as Charles Incotac

The second actor is Max Irons! I don't remember how I discovered Max, I feel like I just looked at him and was like oh you look like a Charles.

             Lucy Fry as Mirabelle Incotac

I discovered Lucy Fry from the Australian TV show, Mako Mermaids. I'm not even ashamed to say that I watch that show, I have a weird attachment to the past series (H20: Just Add Water). It's a good show alright, it's just one of my many guilty pleasures. She later on portrayed Lissa in The Vampire Academy film. She is also somebody who I just recently pictured, I just saw this picture and was like you're channelling Mirabelle right now.

Sierra Boggess as Lavender LilyCarter

Sierra is an actress who I truly admire, she is of my musical theatre icons, she's so talented and it's one of my dreams to see her live one day! If you are not experienced with her work, just type her name into you tube and listen to her voice because I love her.

Those were just some of the actors that I envisioned as my characters! I never really envisioned an actor for every single character, but I have a few so I thought I would share them! Maybe in the future I will share more if I end up having more.

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