Wednesday 2 December 2015

November Wrap-Up | Raquel

The first book I read this month was The Tattooed Heart by: Michael Grant. It was my birthday this month and this was one of the books I got for it! Pretty much all my gifts were books which I was very happy about! This book is the second one after The Messenger of Fear. I really enjoyed this series. I find that the world it takes place in to be kind of mystical or magical, yet ordinary. I liked that in this book how the Messenger and the main character get closer. The original Messenger is definitely my favourite character even though he isn't really the character the story is about. I just find the mystery of his past compelling and interesting. In this book a whole lot is revealed about the Messenger. Also his apprentice takes a big step and earns a lot of responsibility in the end. This is my third book series of Michael Grant's that I have read and been in love with. Honestly I just really love his books. The stories are always very interesting and I think the way he develops his characters is always just riveting. There is always another story behind each person even when you think you know everything. I rate this book 4.2/5 stars.

  The second book I read this month was One by: Sarah Crossan. This was just a random book I picked up because I had nothing to read. I actually ended up really liking this book. I have always had a slight interest in twins. No idea why I just find the idea of it to be unique. I like how realistic this story is. It shows what the life of twins like this would actually be like. She doesn't try to make it seem perfect, she tells it truly how it would be. She includes things like the bullying that would come along with it. The difficulty of having to share a body and therefore not being able to completely control what is done to your body. There are really just so many things that to you may seem like nothing, but when you think about how if they are even slightly changed you realize how different life would be if you had been born like that. The ending of this book I found to be truly tragic and sad. As the book went on I kind of figured that was how the book was going to go, but even so the ending was really sad... I rate this book 3.8/5 stars.

The next book I read was The Fate of Ten by: Pittacus Lore. I have been waiting so long to read this book and I was finally able too! I was so happy :) I have been reading this series for a very long time and I just love it. Even so I do see how people could get bored with books doing so much repeating, however this book is very different. This book is not at all like the others in that way. I think it is because the series is coming to a close so the author is preparing for the end. Either way this book has much action, many different things happening that are just crazy. Like I really couldn't imagine these things happening when I read the very first book. The story has gone from being one thing to a completely different thing. In my opinion it has changed in a good way! I kind of think that there should have been less books between because even though I enjoy all the little details, I know many people get bored when stories drag on like that. Anyway if you started the series and got bored I would suggest reading the past few books because reading this one will be worth it and definitely not boring! I rate this book 4/5 stars.

The last book I read this month was The Rest of Us Just Live Here by: Patrick Ness. I absolutely love Patrick Ness as an author. I have not read a book of his yet that I haven't completely loved. I can say confidently that he is one of if not my favorite author right now. I had been waiting for this book for quite some time and I was so happy when I got it for my birthday! Definitely one of my favourite books that I got. The basic story of the book was just interesting in itself. I like how Patrick Ness includes so much of just basic things from real life. It is just really unique to read these things in books that I find it adds to the story. He also knows how to put subtle, yet realistic twists on characters. I guess in this book he also knows how to put unrealistic ones too.(*cough* a cat god's grandson) Also the way he writes the story is like in a crazy situation, but in the perspective of the normal people who have no idea whats really going on. I thought that was really weird but kind of cool. I have never heard of or read a book with a concept like that. That's what I really like about his books is that I am always being surprised with some odd story, or the way he writes it is just so unique I love it! I rate this book 4.5/5 stars.

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