Tuesday 29 March 2016

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments | 1x11 | Review & Discussion | Faith

 Information from a surprising ally leads Clary, Jace and Luke to devise a plan to stop Valentine and rescue Jocelyn; Alec seeks help from Magnus as Inquisitor Herondale arrives for Isabelle's trial.

- Wikipedia Synopsis

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This review WILL contain SPOILERS!

In this episode, Isabelle is facing the wrath of the calve while Clary, Jace, Luke and Micheal Wayland seek a plan to find Valentine and rescue Clary's mother. 

Since the premiere of the first episode, book fans have been speculating whether or not they were going to go through with the incest plot. In the last episode we found Micheal Wayland hidden in a cage. This made many people very confused and some angry. 

The show runners have said that they want to keep things interesting and want things to be surprising. I totally get that since this is a TV show but it ends up being a little anti-climactic because in the end we know things should be okay, especially because we are book fans. We already know that they're hopefully going to stick to all of the major plot points from the book. I'm okay with them trying to make things more lavish and entraining, but when they try to surprise us I'm like "Eh...They'll be fine." I'm sure the surprises and changes are great for the non-book fans though.

I was very happy with the sibling reveal in the show. I'm very happy with how it was portrayed on screen. You could definitely see the parallels from the book and that made me very happy. I think every single actors performance in that particular scene was pretty fantastic aside from a few things. There was the perfect amount of intrigue and darkness. However I was little bothered with Clary controlling the demons and her treating them like there were her friends disguised as the demons.

As we know, Isabelle is in big trouble with the clave. Every single I saw with the clave and the court was so boring to me. I was not scared for any of the characters, and it seemed very fake in my opinion. The scene felt like it was trying to be something it was not. I guess another part of my being bored with this scene was because I am a book fan and I already know that nothing is going to be happening to Isabelle. I'm sure that's the case with plenty of other people.

This review is going to be very short because I am writing this a week later from the episode and I just do not have the patience or time to commit to writing a long review. I also can't really remember anything that happened in this episode. Also, I didn't really have an opinion on anything but the whole sibling thing.

Overall, I thought that this episode was really well done. In my eyes, it is an improvement from the past episodes, and I believe that this show is growing with each and every episode. I would rate this episode a 4 out of 5 stars.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review!

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