Tuesday 3 June 2014

Half Bad: Sally Green - FTM


Half-Bad by Sally green is the first book to a new trilogy. It follows the character Nathan, who is half-black-witch and half white-witch. In this world, black-witches are supposed to be killed on sight. Nobody knows what to do with Nathan, they can't decide either to kill him or not to kill him. Nathan's parents are both very well known, his mom is a very honorable white-witch and his father is the most powerful, evil and most gruesome black-witch that exists. Nobody in Nathan's life really likes or cares for him in his early life, besides his half-sister Deborah, his half-brother Arron, his grandmother gran and his girlfriend Annalise. His story leading up to him eventually being held hostage, and tortured is so heartbreaking. His freedom was basically being ripped away from him almost everyday, and everyone would always call him a black-witch and that he would someday die. One of the scenes in this book that was so graphic and cruel was the scene with Annalise's brothers. The people who know of their relationship do not approve of it, especially because Annalise comes from a pure line of white-witches. So in this scene, her brothers are beating him up, and pinning him to the ground, and they grab a knife and carve BW into his back...

Most of the time in this book, Nathan is trapped in a cage being tortured and doing physical circuits. Just before he was trapped in this cage, Nathan was taken away from his family and by the time he get's out, he hasn't seen his family in at least two years. The amount of character growth that happens in this book is absolutely amazing. Nathan goes from a weak worthless whet into a strong witch.

Other reviews that I have read, all say the same thing. It's so unique. I agree with every single person who has read and reviewed it. It is incredibly unique. I feel like I've read a lot of witch books but I actually haven't, I actually think half-bad may be one of the only witch books that I have read. So in this world, witches live among humans but they don;'t know that, but before anyone becomes an actual witch, they are known as a whet. On their seventeenth birthday, there is a celebration called the giving. The giving is a ritual where your parents or your ancestors give you three gifts, make you drink their blood and help you discover your special gift, after this ritual you are officially a witch. The giving, I found was very unique. As Nathan's siblings slowly start turning seventeen and having their givings, he starts to question if he's going to receive his three gifts and become a witch. One of his only solutions to this problem is his father.

Everyone see's Nathan's father, Marcus as pure evil. He is, he murdered Nathan's siblings father and he eats the hearts of witches he wants the gift of. He fell in love with Nathan's mother and they had Nathan together, at the time Nathan's mother was actually married to her husband who we know he murdered. Everyone see's him as cruel except Nathan. He believes that his father truly cares and loves him, and wants to give him his three gifts. Often, Nathan would have fantasies about his father. This part of the story, I really loved. We don't really get to see a child who has an evil parent truly care for them, and expect them to someday come for them. 

Marcus, has visions. There are only two things that can kill him. A knife called the fairborn and his own son, Nathan. I loved Nathan's loyalty towards his father even though he was a black-witch, and had barely even knew him. I would really like to see how their relationship turns out in the future books and there are so many unanswered questions that I am sure that many people would like to read about.

To wrap this review up, I'm going to rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars. It was really unique and had incredible character growth. It had interesting twists, and was fantastic for a debut novel. I do encourage everybody to go and read it, it won't be a waste of your time. 

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