Friday 27 June 2014

The 5th Wave: Cast

We now have the three main principal cast members to The Fifth Wave movie based off the book by: Rick Yancey.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie, Nick Robinson as Ben Parish/Zombie and Alex Roe as Evan Walker. I am really excited for this movie because The Fifth Wave is one of my favourite books ever! The first casting news that fans recieved was that Chloe was going to play Cassie. Chloe has been in many, many book-movie adaptaions and she is an amazing actress. I'm really exicted for her to be playing Cassie, and I am so confident that she will play Cassie right but in her own way.

The Second character to be cast was Evan Walker, everybody loves Evan. I am one of those people, and his character was one that I was looking foward to seeing being cast. Alex Roe will be playing Evan Walker in the film, when I first saw the news I was really exicited that they finally announced it, he wasn't what I pictured. It doesn't matter what I picture or what anybody else pictures, everybody has their own distinct image of what they think the character should look like. In reality you are probably never going to have the perfect looking actor for the role.

 Some things that I don't really like about some people is that they always base their opinions based upon peoples looks or their age. I honestly couldn't care less of what they look like or what their age is, the only thing that I care about is if they can play the character well and if they can bring life to the character. I have already read comments saying that he isn't "hot" enough, or that there will be no fans of Evan anymore because he isn't attractive like he was in the books. I really just want to slap those people in the face, it isn't up to them to cast those roles. I think if we had those kinds of people casting roles, the movies wouldn't be as good because it would just be a lot of pretty faces. It's like when Sam Clafin was cast as Finnick Odair, everybody basically hated him because "he didn't look the part" but now look, everybody loves him! He blew everyone away with his potrayal. I honestly think that he will do a great job potraying Evan no matter what he looks like.

Then there is Nick Robinson playing Ben Parish. For me, it is really easy to picture him playing Ben Parish. At first it isn't, but if you really just look and think about it, it's really easy to picture it. With Nick, people are giving him more positive feedback because he is attractive... I'm not really going to get into that again. The only thing that i've seen him in was the disney film,frenemies and I don't it's good to base my opinion based off that one film because I really haven't seen him in anything else. 

I have confidence in all three actors. I believe that they will bring Rick Yancey's book to life, along with the script and everything else. They aren't what I imagined in my head, I'll admit but everybody has different images in their heads and I bet Rick Yancey does too. You don't see him going around social media and bombing the actors because they aren't attractive enough do you? He's probably just happy that it's coming together and it's actually going to happen. I mean everybody should feel that way. 

Yes movies are visual, but then again movies have actors and what do actors do? They act. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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