Monday 30 June 2014

June Wrap Up! - FTM

The first book I read this month was, Half-Bad by Sally Green. I really loved this book, mainly because it was so unique, and had things that you wouldn't expect. You can read me review HERE 

The second book that I read was Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I loved this book, it was so interesting to see a little bit of a back-story, to The Mortal Instruments. I would rate this book, a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The third/fourth book I read or Novellas, are two short stories from The Lunar Chronicles. Glitches and The Queens Army by: Marissa Meyer. I would rate both of these short stories, a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
(If you are interested in reading these short stories, they are avaliable in the paperback version of Cinder and Scarlet the first two books in the Lunar Chronicles.)
You can read my review for Scarlet HERE

I also read the first chapter of Cress, the third book in The Lunar Chronicles. It was an amazing first chapter, and I can not wait to read the whole thing. I hope I can read it VERY SOON!

The fifth book (Novella) I read this month was, Magnus's vow by: Cassandra Clare. I would rate it a, 3
 out of 5 stars.

The Sixth book I sort of read this month was Blood Red Road by: Moira Young. I did not really enjoy this book. Although I have heard great things about it, I really could not get into it. The beginning was slow, and I couldnt get used to the writing style. I did not have the patience to read this, but I am sure if I did, I would have really enjoyed this book. Maybe in the future I will read this book, but unfortunately now is not the time.

The Seventh book I read this month was The Lost Hero by: Rick Riordan. I absolutely love Rick Riordans books, and all of the books that I have read by him have never disappointed me. He is fantastic at writing adventure books. One of the only downsides of reading this book was that I was reading the audiobook and I couldnt extend the due date for the physical book from the library.  because I didnt have the time to actually read it at the time. I still dont like audiobooks, you cant read at your own pace and this took me so long to read because I couldnt read at my own pace. The narrator was great though. 4.5 out of 5 stars!

The Eigth book I read was The Darkest Minds by: Alexandra Bracken! As I started to read this book, I quickly fell in love with the story and the concept, I made the mistake of watching a booktubers booktalk video, it had no spoilers but they had really negative things to say about the book, and I shamefully listened. I watched that video, before I finished the book and it started to change my thoughts on it, which was a bad idea. My thoughts on it are still exactly the same as they were before but may have been lowered by .5 I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars! You can read my review HERE!

The Ninth book I read this month was actually just a re-read. It was The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins. Still loved it!


  The Tenth book I read this month was the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series by: Richelle Mead. I absolutely loved this book, it was 10x better than the last books! I would rate this a solid 5 out of 5 stars!

The Eleventh book I read this month was the second book in The Heroes of Olympus series, The Son of Neptune by: Rick Riordan. I found this one alot more interesting and enjoyable than the first one. My favourite POV was probably Percy's just because I haven't read anything from him in a super long time. Rick Riordan is a fantastic author! I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

I also tried to read The Emerald Atlas but other books were distracting me. I really don't know when I'm going to read that book but it I can say that it won't be too soon.

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