Sunday 16 March 2014

Prodigy by: Marie Lu (2013) - RQK

  Fun Fact: Marie Lu originally wrote June as a boy as she was "basing it off of the ValJean/ Javert relationship in Les Miserables."

  Prodigy  is the second book in the Legend trilogy. The series follows two young legendary teens who come from two completely different lives, yet they must work together to save everything they still have left. This book takes off just after June made the decision that changed her life forever. She is a traitor to the Republic, and there is no going back. Having forced her hand, June embarks on an undercover mission to gain information on the new Elector as well as to lead him to his assassination. Of course not all goes as planned. This change of plans  in turn leads to the revelation of many secrets, as well as everyone's true alliances and intentions.

  I found the Prodigy like Legend was a fast paced book packed with constant action and much revealing of various secrets. The small hints throughout the book did make it more predictable, and I'm sure if you looked closely you could figure out what would happen on your own. However I found those small hints kept my interest as my curiosity deepened on what each clue meant. Not only that there is a constant question of who really is the good guy and or the good side which I found gave the book a little bit more mystery.

  Overall I really liked this book and found it was an easy read. If you liked and read Legend there is no question you will like its sequel Prodigy and I highly you recommend you read it. This book doesn't have many new concepts that it introduces, but it takes the things already established in the first book and reveals many new things about them that make you question your first thoughts on everything. I would give this book four and half out of five stars.

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